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What Are the Common Interfaces Used for Rolling LED Screens?

As we all know, rolling LED screen has many interfaces to meet different application needs. These interfaces have different shapes and advantages, which can be used in different occasions and products to meet various display effects and requirements. Do you know what are the commonly used interfaces of rolling LED screen?


Rolling LED screen commonly used interfaces are as follows:

DVI interface

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) interface, is a digital video interface. DVI can transmit digital signals without going through digital-to-analog conversion, so the picture quality is very high. The DVI interface of rolling LED screen is a kind of digital video signal interface that is currently widely used internationally. There are currently two common types of DVI interfaces, namely DVI-Digital (DVI-D) and DVI-Integrated (DVI-I). DVI-D only supports digital signals, while DVI-I can support both digital and analog signals, which means that DVI-I has higher compatibility.

VGA interface

VGA (Video Graphic Array), is a dedicated interface for computers to output data using the VGA standard. It has 15 pins, divided into three rows of five holes each, and is a widely used interface type on the rolling LED screen graphics card. Most graphics cards have this interface. It transmits red, green, blue analog signals and synchronization signals (horizontal and vertical signals).

SDI interface

SDI (serial digital interface) is a digital component serial interface. It uses coaxial cable and BNC interface as the cable standard. That is to say, in the process of converting the traditional analog framework system to a high-definition monitoring system, rolling LED screen does not need to be rewired, only the front-end and back-end parts need to be replaced, which will save a lot of time and manpower costs for the project. Therefore, in recent years, SDI interfaces have been increasingly used in rolling LED screen processors.

USB interface

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a universal serial bus. The USB interface of rolling LED screen supports hot plugging and can connect 127 external devices to a PC: there are two interface standards of USB1.0 and USB2.0.

HDMI interface

HDMI is a new generation multimedia interface standard, which stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It is capable of transmitting full digital signals, just like DVI, but HDMI not only supports 1080P resolution, but also supports digital audio formats, which means that one cable can achieve video and audio synchronization transmission. It can be said that the HDMI interface of rolling LED screen is an improvement of the DVI interface, and it fully complies with the DVI interface standard.

In summary, we can see that the common interfaces used by rolling LED screen mainly include DVI interface, VGA interface, SDI interface, USB interface, and HDMI interface. You can choose according to your actual needs.