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Mobile Quick Splicing Screen

Mobile Quick Splicing Screen

As one of the most professional mobile LED screen manufacturers, ONUMEN Sailing series is born to solve the pain points in the installation of small and medium-sized LED displays.

Small size 10-100 m²

Installation equipment required --Steel truss and counterweight are also needed in installation, like large-sized LED displays.

Cumbersome procedures -- Panels need to be connected on each side with messy wiring behind them.

Low efficiency Laborious transportation, manual work, storage, installation and disassembly.

As one of the leading mobile LED screen manufacturers dedicated to the production of China mobile LED display, ONUMEN portable and foldable LED displays solve existing pain points with an all-in-one design and 3-step quick installation.

Different Types Of Mobile Quick Splicing LED Screen

EP200 & EP225 Foldable LED Screen
This type of LED display screen mobile have display heights of 2m and 2.25m, making them ideal for small-scale events with a height limit of 2.5m, a width of roughly 10m, and a desired screen size of 2-30㎡.
EP250 | EP275 | EP300 | EP325 | EP350 | EP375 | EP400 Foldable LED Screen
Display heights are 2.5m, 2.75m, 3m, 3.25m, 3.5m, 3.75m and 4m respectively, suitable for medium-sized events with a height within 4.5 m, a width around 30m and a screen size of 30-100㎡. EP200 and EP225 are 2m and 2.25m in height respectively.

Mobile Quick Splicing LED Screen Advances In Technology

The integrated design of mobile LED panel, power supply, control box and air box is easy to store, lightweight to install and easy to move.

One-button automatic lifting design of the mobile advertising screens body, quick installation and quick closing.

The dual design of the spare interface of the welding wire and the connector is convenient for quick maintenance and replacement of the module.

Multiple units are seamlessly spliced, and the mobile display LED becomes larger in seconds.

EP200 vs EP400 Mobile Quick Splicing LED Screen

Different screen heights2m2.25m2.5m2.75m
The installation structure is differentIntegrated design of screen, power supply, control box and air boxScreen, power supply, control box, air box split design
Applicable to different screen area2㎡-30㎡30㎡-100㎡

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Get in Touch with Onumen
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