Onumen Technology CO., LTD.
Onumen Technology CO., LTD.

Mobile Quick Splicing

  1. Three steps, a single operator, quick installation in 5 minutes

  2. One-button remote control, automatic lifting

  3. Multiple splicing, fast and seamless, a large screen possible in seconds

  4. Integrated design, no truss, no counterweight

  5. Save time, labor, storage and transportation

Installation steps for a single unit: 

Box (can be pushed vertically, can be pushed horizontally, and can be overlapped)

Getting Started

  • Lay the box flat

  • Open the box door

  • Erect the lifting poker

  • Take out the screen

  • Lay down the lifting poker and buckle it

  • Erect the screen box

  • Connect the power cable of the control box to the mains and turn on the power switch

  • Hang the screen on the screen support bracket on the upper end of the lifting poker

  • Lift the screen with the remote control and turn off the power switch when done

  • Put the screen activity board in the box

  • Connect the signal cable between the screen and the control box

  • Connect the power cable between the screen and the control box

  • Turn on the power control switch on the control box

  • Splicing complete

Steps for splicing multiple units:

Getting Started

  • Line up multiple installed screens

  • Connect the heads of the adjacent screens with a connecting strip

  • Connect the middle of the adjacent screens with a four-corner connecting piece

  • Connect the signal cable of the first unit to the control box, and then connect the signal cable between every two units in series

  • Connect the power cable of each screen to the mains

  • Splicing complete