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EP200 & EP225 

Foldable LED Screen

ONUMEN Sailing Series EP200 and EP225

Embark on a journey of wonder with ONUMEN Sailing!

5-minute quick installation by 1 person in only 3 steps!

Multi-scene applications in all kinds of enterprises and institutions!

The smartest choice for screens of all sizes!

EP200 & EP225 Foldable 

LED Screen Video Show

EP200 & EP225 Foldable LED Screen Video Show

EP200 & EP225 

Thin Flexible Led Screen Highlights

  • 5-minute quick installation by 1 person in only 3 steps

  • One-touch remote control for automatic lifting and lowering

  • Portable and easy to storage 

  • Time and energy saving, easy storage and transportation

  • Fast installation of seamless LED Video Wall

  • All-in-one design without truss and counterweight

EP200 & EP225 Thin Flexible LED Screen Details

Application environmentIndoor
Pixel Pitch (mm)3.95.2
IP RatingIP43IP43
LED TypeSMD 1010SMD 2020
Pixel Density (pixel/㎡)6553636864
Driving Mode1/161/12
Gray Scale (bit)1616
Max Brightness (nits)800900
Max Refresh rate (Hz)40005000
Screen Thickness (mm)1414
Max Power Consumption (w/㎡)690500
Output Voltage (V)DC48
Input Voltage (V)AC100-AC240
Module Size (W*H mm)250 * 250
Folding Angle360°
Screen Size (W*H m)1*2.25
Screen Weight (w/㎡)11
Control Box
Input VoltageAC100~AC240V
Power SupplyRSP1000W-24
Reciveing CardNova T1, Wifi, up to 650,000 pixels
Asynchrounous CardNova A4S
Asynchronous control max number of splicing screens (pcs)48816
Synchronous Card (optional)Select a synchronous control system when the maximum number of splicing screens for asynchronous control is exceeded

Auto Lifing Rod
Current0.6A MAX.
Lift Speed10 mm/s

Flight Case
Case Size (L*W*H mm)1510 * 440 * 400
Total Weight (kg)75

EP200 & EP225 

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