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EP200 & EP225 

Foldable LED Screen

ONUMEN Sailing Series EP200 and EP225

Embark on a journey of wonder with ONUMEN Sailing!

5-minute quick installation of our LED flexible screen by 1 person in only 3 steps!

Multi-scene foldable LED applications in all kinds of enterprises and institutions!

The smartest choice for LED foldable screens of all sizes!

Contact us for more information about foldable LED screen price!

EP200 & EP225 Foldable 

LED Screen Video Show 

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of portable visual experiences! In this video show, we'll guide you through the seamless setup of the EP200 & EP225 portable led screen case—a revolutionary solution that brings flexibility and vivid imagery to any environment. Unveil the future of display technology as we demonstrate the effortless assembly, vibrant LED capabilities, and the unparalleled convenience of a foldable design. Elevate your viewing experience as we unfold the possibilities of this innovative thin LED screen, making visual presentations and entertainment truly portable and dynamic.

EP200 & EP225 Foldable LED Screen Video Show

EP200 & EP225 

Thin Flexible Led Screen Highlights

  • The thin flexible LED screen offers a 5-minute quick installation process that can be easily completed by one person in only 3 simple steps.                                                       

  • The thin LED screen also features a one-touch remote control that enables automatic lifting and lowering.                                                                                                 

  • The thin flexible LED display is portable and easy to store, making it an ideal choice for events that require quick setup and teardown.                                             

  • The design of this thin LED display enables easy transportation and installation at a cost-effective foldable LED display price.                                              

  • The LED video wall has a fast installation process, resulting in a seamless display for your event.                                                                                                                    

  • The all-in-one design of the flexible LED screen display eliminates the need for truss and counterweights, simplifying the installation process even further.   

  • The rollable led screen has the ability to display clear and bright images from every angle, positioning it in direct competition with the 360 degree LED screen market.                                                                                                                                                

Onumen: Your Trusted Thin LED Display Manufacturer

  1. 360 Degree LED Screen Expertise

    Onumen stands as your foremost authority in 360-degree LED screen technology. Our commitment to customer service ensures a seamless experience, offering transparent communication and tailored solutions for your unique display needs.

  2. Affordable Foldable LED Screen Price

    Experience innovation without breaking the bank. Onumen provides product solutions at competitive mobile LED display price. Our commitment to affordability ensures that cutting-edge display technology is within reach for all, offering unparalleled value for your investment.

  3. Mobile LED Display for Sale

    Explore unparalleled technical support with Onumen as you navigate our range of mobile LED displays for sale. Our dedicated team guarantees robust support, ensuring your mobile LED display operates at its best, delivering a dynamic visual experience.

  4. Innovative Technology Unleashed

    Onumen pioneers the industry with innovative LED display technology. From 360-degree screens to foldable designs, we redefine possibilities. Choose Onumen for a display solution that blends cutting-edge innovation, top-notch technical support, and unbeatable prices in the dynamic world of the thin flexible LED screen.

EP200 & EP225 Thin Flexible LED Screen Details

Application environmentIndoor
Pixel Pitch (mm)3.95.2
IP RatingIP43IP43
LED TypeSMD 1010SMD 2020
Pixel Density (pixel/㎡)6553636864
Driving Mode1/161/12
Gray Scale (bit)1616
Max Brightness (nits)800900
Max Refresh rate (Hz)40005000
Screen Thickness (mm)1414
Max Power Consumption (w/㎡)690500
Output Voltage (V)DC48
Input Voltage (V)AC100-AC240
Module Size (W*H mm)250 * 250
Folding Angle360°
Screen Size (W*H m)1*2.25
Screen Weight (w/㎡)11
Control Box
Input VoltageAC100~AC240V
Power SupplyRSP1000W-24
Reciveing CardNova T1, Wifi, up to 650,000 pixels
Asynchrounous CardNova A4S
Asynchronous control max number of splicing screens (pcs)48816
Synchronous Card (optional)Select a synchronous control system when the maximum number of splicing screens for asynchronous control is exceeded

Auto Lifing Rod
Current0.6A MAX.
Lift Speed10 mm/s

Flight Case
Case Size (L*W*H mm)1510 * 440 * 400
Total Weight (kg)75

EP200 & EP225 

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