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Sports & Exhibition Ultra-thin LED Display Applied

Sports & Exhibition Ultra-thin LED Display Applied

Pain points of sports venues:

  • Due to frequent activities and short cycle, which require quick installation before and after activities, it takes time and efforts to install and remove the existing heavy panels, resulting in high rental cost.

  • Most hollow hanging banner ADs are made of double-sided printed fabrics, and the existing box screen can't meet the load-bearing, double-sided thickness and heat dissipation requirement, so the electronic upgrade can't be realized.

Ultra-thin LED Screens Used in Sports & Exhibition Market


Sailing: EP20, EP22, EP30, EP35, EP40

Smart: Slim, lightweight, 360 ° folding indoor series, Specific models: p3.9, p5.2, p7.8


Smart plus: Slim, lightweight, 360 ° folding outdoor series

Specific models: p5.2, p7.8, p15.6(module size: 250mm*250mm), P5.2, p7.8, p10.4, p15.6 (module size: 250mm*375mm)

Smart t plus: Slim, lightweight, 360 ° folding, hollow out ventilation outdoor series

Specific models: p7.8, p10.4 (module size: 250mm*250mm), P15.6 (module size: 250mm*375mm), P37.5 (module size: 300mm*450mm)

Magic plus: Slim, lightweight, 180 ° folding outdoor series, module size: 250mm*250mm

Specific models: p3.9, p5.2 (module size: 250mm*250mm), P7.8 (module size: 250mm*375mm)