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Rental Hanging LED Screen

Rental Hanging LED Screen

ONUMEN hanging LED displays for rental solve all pain points in stage display for cultural & tourism performance:

1. The higher the lifting stage, the more space needed underneath to hide the screen, resulting in higher infrastructure costs and longer construction period.

2. Frequent rentals can lead to high cost and inefficiency in transportation, storage, installation and disassembly of the heavy LED display screen for rent.                                                  

Our hanging LED display perfectly solves the above problems. Meanwhile, it can be used to create a unique and engaging visual experience, providing an immersive ambiance that draws people towards the display. Contact us for more information about China rental LED display!

Different Types Of Rental Led Display Screen

Smart Rental Hanging LED Screen
Mainly for indoor use, IP54 rating. Epoch-making agility and efficiency, epoch-making visual imagination. Epoch-making agility and efficiency, epoch-making visual imagination.
Smart Plus Rental Hanging LED Screen
Smart Plus
Mainly for outdoor use, IP65 rating. Outdoors, you can also feel the charm of visual creation as much as possible. An epoch-making outdoor creation. The compact unit module not only can be installed flexibly.
Smart T Plus Rental Hanging LED Screen
Smart T Plus
Mainly for outdoor use with windproof requirements. Breathable and rainproof, it is the blessing of the hollow art picture. The hollow design of the module is flexible and transparent.

Rental Hanging LED Screen Advances In Technology

360° foldable display

The largest carrying capacity of a single hanging LED screen is up to 76m, meeting all folding, space and cost requirements.

Soar Above the Crowd: Hanging LED Displays Take Your Brand to New Heights

Forget blending in with the masses – take your marketing to a whole new level with the hanging LED display, today's hottest trend in captivating visual communication. These gravity-defying marvels transform ordinary spaces into breathtaking showcases, boosting your brand to unparalleled heights, all while adhering to ethical and responsible marketing practices.

Unleash a Feast for the Eyes

  • Dominate Crowded Venues: Elevate your presence above the floor, where your logo and message reign supreme, capturing attention from every angle. Imagine your brand suspended above a bustling expo, shimmering like a beacon that draws in viewers from across the hall.

  • Immersive Experiences that Inspire: Go beyond static visuals. Project dynamic content onto your hanging canvas, creating an awe-inspiring environment that invites audiences into your brand's story. Picture a product launch where guests gaze upwards to witness a mesmerizing, multi-dimensional product reveal.

Harness the Power of the China's Rental LED Display Advantage

  • Dazzle on Demand: Tap into China's thriving rental LED display market for cost-effective, event-specific solutions. Hang a dazzling display for your grand opening, or rent a unique configuration for a captivating trade show booth. Leave a lasting impression without breaking the bank.

  • Flexibility for Every Need: From intimate gatherings to colossal conferences, hanging LED screen China options cater to all scales. Find the perfect size and shape to mesmerize your audience, no matter the occasion.

Let Your Brand Take Flight with Hanging LED Displays

  • Stand out from the competition in a crowded marketplace.

  • Deliver unforgettable brand experiences that resonate with your audience.

Differences among Three Onumen Rental Hanging LED Screens

SmartSmart PlusSmart T Plus
Different module sizes250mm * 250mm
250mm * 250mm250mm * 375mm
Different waterproof gradesIP45
Different thickness14mm14mm16mm

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Get in Touch with Onumen
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