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Hanging Automatic Folding Lifting

Installation steps:

Get started

  • Make the motor lifting device, and test run and debug it

  • Open the flight case

  • Take each box screen and activity board out of the box and place it under the tray

  • Hang the head of the screen on the shelf reserved at the top with the mounting hook, keeping the position centered with the tray

  • Install the control box at the corresponding position on the hanger

  • Complete the wiring according to the system diagram

  • Connect the signal cable between the screens

  • Connect the control cable between the screens

  • Connect the power cable of the control box to the mains

  • Connect the signal cable between the screen and the transmission controller

  • Connect the HDMI and USB cables between the transmission controller and the computer

  • Connect every two screens with four-corner connecting pieces, splice them flat, and lock them with fixing screws

  • Connect the rear of the screen to the front of the tray

  • Adjust the upper and lower limit positions, and debug the lifting stroke of the motor

  • Installation complete

  • Light up the screens to debug