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Services & Support ONUMEN Provides

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About ONUMEN Service

Doing our best to create value for customers is the service tenet of Onumen.

As the pioneer of separate LED display, Onumen is committed to providing customers with products, leases, solutions and services, and creating customer satisfaction with technology, innovation and service, with enthusiasm, efficiency and quality. Onumen not only provides customers with fast, convenient and professional support and problem solving, but also provides customers with high-quality free training.

Services & Support ONUMEN Provides

Our Customers Will Enjoy The Following Services

1. Sincere Professional Advice

We pay attention to communication with you, listen to your ideas, and give professional and detailed suggestions according to your actual needs. We hope to make you feel caring enough and exceed expectations.

2. Strict Quality Assurance

Our rigorous attention to details enables us to be your second pair of eyes, and to discover problems that may be overlooked in time before going into production.

3. Flexible Change Handling

Sometimes you may not have enough time or staff. This is why we provide flexible processes and timetables to ensure that you propose what you want, how you want it, and when you want it. We will try our best to adjust to the plan you want most before production.

4. High-quality After-sales Service

Our service will not end because the project has been delivered or the project has been completed, we will do our best to ensure your satisfaction. We will continue to maintain the system for life, and continue to improve system functions and upgrade software. We will also conduct regular maintenance, return visits, and solicit opinions for you to continuously improve.

Service System

Ultra Thin Led Screen Service System
Ultra Thin Led Screen

Two-Year Warranty Service Content

  • Onumen all-media technical support: Free hotline and technical remote support are provided throughout the product life cycle.

  • Hardware maintenance: Provide on-site maintenance and spare parts repair service according to the fault level.

  • On-site maintenance: When the fault level reaches level three, an engineer is assigned to inspect and repair on site.

  • Repair of spare parts: The customer will mail the faulty spare parts to the designated place of Weishi for repair.

  • Spare parts delivery: delivered with the order.

  • Cleaning guidance: Provide equipment cleaning program support.

Two-Year Effective Warranty Service Scope

The unit module, power supply, and fan on the display are faulty.

Display control system failure (graphic card, sending card, receiving card).

Ultra Thin Led Display