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Onumen Technology CO., LTD.

Onumen Ultra-thin LED Screens for Different Markets

Ultra-thin LED Screens from Onumen for Various Markets, including modern commercial advertisements, hotels, airports and stations, events and conferences and churches and theaters.

Commercial Advertisement
Modern commercial advertisements are increasingly focused on digital electronic display, and the separated portable LED display can be installed in one step, which saves time and effort to switch and publish advertisements with only one click. Multiple advertisements can be synchronized with one click, saving you from efforts and worry!
Hotels, Airports and Stations
Many advertisements and information are presented in hotels, airports and stations electronically, with slim and light double-sided display, which can be installed at once without worrying about the load-bearing capacity! Advertisements can be published and updated synchronously with one click, convenient and quick!
Events and Conferences
The market demand is becoming an urgent need for flexible layout of venue and free switching and synchronous update of information content at any time! The birth of mobile and fast spliced LED meets will meet such demand!
Churches and Theaters
Splendid performances can always drive the mood of the audience, regardless of a church or a theater. At this time, creative folding LED screen can be folded with one click, presenting the audience with an immersive experience!
Sports Venues
Every wonderful and exciting moment in sports events needs the involvement of the audience. The slim LED display screen has minimized the distance between players and the audience, allowing for passionate interaction!
Cultural and Tourism Performing Activities
Cultural and tourism performances are used to express stories, convey a kind of ideology and culture. The dynamically folding and slim LED display screen provides visualized simultaneous presentation of scenes, so that the audience can immerse themselves for such wonderful viewing experience.