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Commercial Advertising Ultra-thin LED Display Applied

Commercial Advertising Ultra-thin LED Display Applied

Pain points of commercial advertising:

  • Large area: The LED display screen panels installed plus the weight of the screen body and the steel structure installed on the screen body impose high requirements for the load-bearing capacity of building, resulting in great difficulty to construct, high construction cost and long duration.

  • For large-size inkjet Ad lightboxes, it takes time, effort, materials to replace them, and inkjet materials are not environmentally friendly and the advertisements cannot be updated synchronously.

  • Inkjet AD lightbox is opaque and prevents lights from entering buildings.

However, the availability of LED advertising screens for sale provides a viable solution to these challenges. With their high-resolution displays, vibrant colors, and customizable options, LED commercial advertising display screen offers an effective and captivating way to promote brand messages. LED advertising screen is also environmentally friendly and provide flexibility in installation, making it a practical choice for businesses and organizations seeking innovative advertising solutions.

Ultra-thin LED Screens Used in Commercial Advertising Market


Sailing: EP200, EP225, EP275, EP300, EP325, EP350, EP375, EP400

Smart: Slim, lightweight, 360 ° folding indoor series

Specific models: P3.9, P5.3, P7.8


Smart plus: Slim, lightweight, 360 ° folding outdoor series

Specific models: p5.2, p7.8, p15.6(module size: 250mm*250mm), P5.2, p7.8, p10.4, p15.6 (module size: 250mm*375mm)

Smart t plus: Slim, lightweight, 360 ° folding, hollow out ventilation outdoor series

Specific models: p7.8, p10.4 (module size: 250mm*250mm), P15.6 (module size: 250mm*375mm), P37.5 (module size: 300mm*450mm)

Magic plus: Slim, lightweight, 180 ° folding outdoor series, module size: 250mm*250mm

Specific models: p3.9, p5.2 (module size: 250mm*250mm), P7.8 (module size: 250mm*375mm)

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