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Commercial Advertising Ultra-thin LED Display Applied

Commercial Advertising Ultra-thin LED Display Applied

Pain points of commercial advertising:

  • Large area: The LED display screen panels installed plus the weight of the screen body and the steel structure installed on the screen body impose high requirements for the load-bearing capacity of building, resulting in great difficulty to construct, high construction cost and long duration.

  • For large-size inkjet Ad lightboxes, it takes time, effort, materials to replace them, and inkjet materials are not environmentally friendly and the advertisements cannot be updated synchronously.

  • Inkjet AD lightbox is opaque and prevents lights from entering buildings.

Ultra-thin LED Screens Used in Commercial Advertising Market


Sailing: EP200, EP225, EP275, EP300, EP325, EP350, EP375, EP400

Smart: Slim, lightweight, 360 ° folding indoor series

Specific models: P3.9, P5.3, P7.8


Smart plus: Slim, lightweight, 360 ° folding outdoor series

Specific models: p5.2, p7.8, p15.6(module size: 250mm*250mm), P5.2, p7.8, p10.4, p15.6 (module size: 250mm*375mm)

Smart t plus: Slim, lightweight, 360 ° folding, hollow out ventilation outdoor series

Specific models: p7.8, p10.4 (module size: 250mm*250mm), P15.6 (module size: 250mm*375mm), P37.5 (module size: 300mm*450mm)

Magic plus: Slim, lightweight, 180 ° folding outdoor series, module size: 250mm*250mm

Specific models: p3.9, p5.2 (module size: 250mm*250mm), P7.8 (module size: 250mm*375mm)

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