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Event & Conference Ultra-thin LED Display Applied

Event & Conference Ultra-thin LED Display Applied

Pain points of events and conferences:

  • Small area and frequent activities: time-consuming, laborious, heavy, immobile, large reserved installation space, and counterweight needed to install box-type LED display

  • Time-consuming, laborious, inkjet materials being not friendly to environment, unable to update content at any time and counterweight needed.

However, the use of conference LED screen presents a practical and innovative solution. Conference room LED screen offers high-resolution graphics, customizable content, and easy installation. The meeting room LED screen provides flexibility to adapt to conference room dimensions and facilitate easy sharing of information. Overall, the use of LED screen for conference room provides an effective and engaging solution for events and conferences, addressing many of the pain points present in traditional visual communication methods. Contact us for more information about meeting room LED display!

Ultra-thin LED Screens Used in Event & Conference Market


Sailing: EP20, EP22, EP30, EP35, EP40

Smart: Slim, lightweight, 360 ° folding indoor series, Specific models: p3.9, p5.2, p7.8

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