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Design Features of Onumen Separate LED Screen?
Design Features of Onumen Separate LED Screen?

1. The control receiving card and the power supply are separated from the screen body.

The control box composed of the control receiving card and the power supply is designed to be separated from the screen body, which is convenient to maintain the control card and the power supply, so that the heat emitted by the largest heat source (power supply) will not affect the screen, making the working temperature of the bright screen higher than the conventional built-in power supply The temperature of the cabinet screen is much lower, which can extend the life of the LED lamp beads.

2. The circuit connection between the unit boards of the screen body is a dual design in which connectors and welding wires exist at the same time. Connector design: for quick repair

Welding wire design: can ensure stable work (the main source of failure in the later stage of outdoor screen use is the connector, so our screen body part is designed without connector, and the connector is only used as a quick repair and replacement unit board.)

The design of no connectors and no power supply heat ensures the stable and reliable operation of the screen body (except for lamp beads, the stability of the lamp beads depends on the cost). Our products have been sold for 8 years, and the facts have proved that within 2-3 years No maintenance is required. The failure rate reported by our old customers for many years is only 1/5 or even 1/10 of that of conventional cabinet screens.

3. The mechanical connection between the screens is a steel wire. The load-bearing of the entire screen is actually borne by the steel wire built into the screen. The unit board is attached to the steel wire, and the head and tail of the wire are fastened to the steel structure with bolts.

There are two ways to protect the screen from wind, magnet sticking or buckle locking, or a combination of the two (that is, the buckle and the magnet interval design, some are buckle installation, and some are magnet installation).

The screen unit board has a built-in powerful magnet, which is convenient for installation and maintenance. It is no problem to stick a small screen of tens of square meters with a magnet. Generally, the installation can be completed in 1 hour, and the magnetic attraction force per square meter can reach more than 100 kg, which can easily resist typhoons.

The buckles are locked, all mechanical buckles are fixed on the steel structure, and windproof depends on the mechanical structure. But the installation is more troublesome than magnetic suction. The screen supports both pre-maintenance and post-maintenance, depending on the specific installation structure.

4. Screw holes are designed on the screen, and the unit board is locked on the steel frame with screws on the front of the screen.

This design is mainly aimed at customers who are worried about the weak windproof of the magnet, using this fixing method.

5. The screen is waterproof by PCBA double-sided potting.

The actual test can work in water and easily reach the protection level of IP65.

6. The feature of being foldable is of little significance in outdoor fixed screen applications.

The fixed installation mainly uses the characteristics of light (10-12 kg per square meter) and thin (screen thickness 16-20 mm)