Modular LED Video Systems with magnetic frames to create endless seamless screens configuration
The use of these magnetic connections allows users to create unlimited custom designs without having to custom manufacture.
Core technology: 4S efficiency reconstruction
Efficient Installation

Slim and foldable screen, easy to move;

Standard module,

sliding buckle connection fixed,

quick disassembly and assembly;

No frame, no structure, simple

Efficient Transportation

Thinner and lighter LED display,

Weight is light,

and occupies little space,

Saving time, labor, and freight.

Efficient Storage

Onumen separate LED screen,

slim and foldable;

Smaller storage volume and lower

storage cost

Efficient Maintenance

No power, no structure, standard module,

Dual interface, support front and rear maintenance; International high-end quality,

low maintenance and low maintenance cost.

Cultural Tourism
Conference Theater
Advertising Exhibition
Smart City
Momo live 17 surprise nights

Wenzhou·Large Classroom P3.9 Automatic Foldable led screen

2013 Volkswagen launch ceremony

Guatemalan light pole screen project

  • Smart Epoch-making agility and efficiency, epoch-making visual imagination.

    Epoch-making agility and efficiency, epoch-making visual imagination.The big screen is more imaginat

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  • Smart Plus Outdoors, you can also feel the charm of visual creation as much as possible.

    An epoch-making outdoor creation.The compact unit module not only can be installed flexibly and quic

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    Smart Plus
  • Smart T Plus Breathable and rainproof, it is the blessing of the hollow art picture.

    The hollow design of the module is flexible and transparent,Do not obscure the view inside the build

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    Smart T Plus
  • Magic Plus What you want is this kind of caring and stable mind

    The unit module has built-in powerful magnets,Even in the severe weather of wind, frost, rain and sn

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    Magic Plus
  • EP2 Let the vision, at any time, start a journey that just walks away.

    1m*2m standard size mobile screen,more convenient and cheerful.A small flight box contains all the p

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