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"Separate portable LED display"

Single control card with extra long load, up to 32m.

Represents a new type of slim, low-heat and portable LED display with external PSU and easy installation.

ONUMEN foldable screen solves the industry pain points of panels,

namely heaviness, high heat, inefficient installation and poor portability

Foldable LED Screen

External PSU,
no panel, no fan, no noise,
low-heat and energy-saving;
slim, lightweight, and foldable.

Rolling LED Screen

External PSU,
no panel, no fan, no noise among rolling LED screen,
low-heat and energy-saving;
slim, lightweight, and rollable.

Our Ultra-thin LED Screens Bring Creative Visions To Life

ONUMEN LED screen continuously meets the new requirements of the market for display in various fields

Commercial Advertisement
Pain points of commercial advertising:

1. Reduce the weight-bearing requirements for the building

2. Avoid blocking the lateral daylighting of the building

Hotels, Airports and Stations
Pain points of stage performance:

1. Present elevating stages while reducing the costs of underground construction

2. Quick display of creative styling

Events and Conferences
Pain points of events and conferences:

The limited space requires flexible and fast switch in seconds between small and large screens according to the needs of the events and conferences

Churches and Theaters
Pain points of churches and theaters:

1. Screen, as a display carrier, needs to be hidden or shown as needed without blocking the background ornaments of the podium

Sports Venues
Pain points of sports and exhibition:

1. Limited display cycle, which requires fast installation and disassembly before and after the event

2. Reduce the weight-bearing requirements for the building

Cultural and Tourism Performing Activities
Pain points of cultural and tourism performing activities

Onumen display screen can meet the various shaping effects of the creative stage.

All cases shown here are the result of the pursuit of quality, creativity, and technology.

Quality: Low heat, high refresh rate, high gray level 

Creativity: Foldable, rollable, one-click operation 

Technology: Slim, lightweight, and easy installation

Advanced Technology Of Ultra-thin LED Screens From Onumen

The five typical installation schemes of Onumen LED screen focus on fast installation and the minimum and lightest installation conditions

Mobile Quick Splicing

It can be moved freely, and multiple sets of fast and seamless splicing can be used to enlarge the screen.

Magnetic Fixed Advertising

The magnet adsorbs the back plate and adds screws to reinforce the installation, which is simple and easy to install, with the least installation materials, the least installation labor and the least installation time.

Vertical Hanging

Slim and foldable screen, ease of transport and decreased cubic storage, the small and convenient system requires only one-piece hoisting or mounting.

Hanging Automatic Folding Lifting

With the motor, it can realize one key automatic folding and lifting, and the screen can be presented or hidden instantly on demand

Hanging Automatic Roller Shutter Lifting

With the motor, it can realize one key automatic roller shutter lifting and lowering, and instantly realize screen presentation or hiding on demand

Why Choose Onumen?
Your Full Solutions Provider for Ultra-thin LED Digital Displays
Founded in 2009

Inventor of separated portable installation LED display screen.

Obtains approximately 100 invention patents worldwide.

Compared with the panel screen,

Thickness by 8-15 mm,

Weight by 8-14 kg/㎡

1/3 in weight,

1/4 in installation labor,

1/5 in thickness,

1/6 in package volume

and only takes 2 men and 1 hour to put a 100㎡ screen in place, increasing overall efficiency by at least 5 times and cutting the operation cost by 80%.

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