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Hotel & Airport & Station Ultra-thin LED Display Applied

Hotel & Airport & Station Ultra-thin LED Display Applied

Pain points of hotels, airports and stations:

  • The existing double-sided display advertisements are all inkjet lightbox advertisements. If LED display panel is used instead, its thickness is at least 50cm, which occupies a large space and cannot dissipate heat.

  • Some wall advertisements and middle hall advertisements are still inkjet lightbox, which features in high consumption of time, efforts and materials, while inkjet materials are not environmentally friendly, and advertisements cannot be updated synchronously if they are placed in different places.

  • It takes time and effort to replace the hollow hanging banner advertisements, and the installation of box LED display screen is subject to the load-bearing capacity of roof, so hanging banner E-advertisement can't be put into use. However, the ultra thin LED display can offer a potential solution. 

  • It is necessary for some wall-mounted box LED displays to reserve installation and maintenance space and air conditioning, which leads to high construction cost and inconvenient maintenance.

  • For the installation of wall-mounted LED display, it is necessary to destroy the existing wall structure if space for heat dissipation is not reserved, and it's not practical, so the only option is to use inkjet lightbox advertising.

The introduction of ultra thin LED screen offers a potential solution to these pain points. They are environmentally friendly and can be updated synchronously, making them an ideal solution for hotels,  stations and airport display screen in need of advanced advertising technology.

Ultra-thin LED Screens Used in Hotel & Airport & Station Market


Sailing: EP20, EP22, EP30, EP35, EP40

Smart: Slim, lightweight, 360 ° folding indoor series, Specific models: p3.9, p5.2, p7.8

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