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Magnetic Fixed Advertising Screen

Magnetic Fixed Advertising Screen

Magic fixed advertising screen is ONUMEN’s solution for outdoor fixed LED displays, solving the long-standing pain points in the installation of such displays:

1. Complex structure, high cost, time-consuming and labor-intensive aloft operations

2. Restrictions on the weight of the flexible LED display screen in certain scenarios

3. Restrictions on installation space

4. Heat dissipation devices cannot be installed and the flexible LED curtain display needs to remain cool while maintaining a high refresh rate.

Different Types Of Magnetic Fixed Advertising Screen

Magic Plus Magnetic Fixed Advertising Screen
Magic Plus
An ultra-thin & light product tailored for outdoor advertising to solve all common pain points. What you want is this kind of caring and stable mind. The unit module has built-in powerful magnets. Even in the severe weather of wind, frost, rain and sun. With its durable construction and superior performance, this flexible LED screen offered by ONUMEN, a professional flexible LED screen manufacturer, proves to be a stellar investment in the outdoor advertising market.

180 LED Screen Advances In Technology

Magnet-based and screw-based mountings for both reliability and easy installation.

Ultra-long strips that cover an area of more than 1㎡ each to save time and labor in installation.

The 16 mm ultra-light screen weighing 12.5 kg/m2 reduces substantial steel structure and costs in installation.  

Onumen Indoor Vs. Outdoor Magnetic Fixed Advertising Screen

IP65 rating, only available for outdoor use.

1. Magnet-based installation

2. Screw-based installation

3. Magnet-and-screw-based installation for ultimate reliability

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