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What Factors Affect the Clarity of LED Rolling Screens?

LED rolling screen is a commonly used carrier for video advertising dissemination, which requires a high level of clarity. After all, high-resolution and high-quality advertising images can better present the effect of the advertisement and provide a more comprehensive visual impact to promote the advertising effect. However, there are many factors that affect the clarity of the LED rolling screen, which we must understand in order to achieve better clarity. Do you know what factors can easily affect the clarity of the LED rolling screen?

Dot pitch of LED rolling screen

The dot pitch is an important factor that directly affects the clarity of the LED rolling screen. The smaller the dot pitch, the higher the picture quality will be, and vice versa.

Contrast of LED rolling screen

The contrast of a picture refers to the difference in brightness levels between the bright white and dark black areas in an image. The larger the difference range, the greater the contrast. Contrast is crucial for visual effects. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast, the clearer and more vivid the image will be, and the more vibrant the color will be. Conversely, a low contrast image will appear dull. Contrast has a greater impact on dynamic video display effects. Because the brightness of dynamic images changes quickly, the higher the contrast, the easier it is for people's eyes to discern this transition process.

Gray level of LED rolling screen

The gray level of the LED rolling screen refers to the technical processing level from white to black under the same brightness level. Generally speaking, the higher the gray level, the richer the displayed colors, the finer the picture, and the easier it is to show detailed information.

Video processor used by LED rolling screen

The use of LED video processors in LED rolling screens can apply cutting-edge algorithms to modify signals with poor image quality, perform a series of processing such as deinterlacing, edge sharpening, and motion compensation, and enhance the details of the image to improve the picture quality. The video scaling processing algorithm can ensure that the video image's clarity and gray level are maintained to a large extent after scaling processing. In addition, the video processor should have rich image adjustment options and effects to process image brightness, contrast, and gray levels to ensure that the LED rolling screen displays a soft and clear image.

In summary, we can see that the clarity of the LED rolling screen can be easily affected by four factors: dot pitch, contrast, gray level, and video processor. As long as we do well in these four areas, we believe that your LED rolling screen will have excellent clarity and can better present advertising images with high clarity.