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Why the Foldable LED Screen Cannot Be Folded?

Currently, foldable LED screen with its unique foldable feature is changing our visual experience. This high-tech display device combines the advantages of LED screen and the flexibility of folding technology to provide users with an unprecedented visual feast, making it versatile in various application scenarios such as commercial displays, stage performances, outdoor advertising, and indoor displays. However, sometimes we encounter situations where the foldable LED screen cannot fold for various reasons. So, do you know what it means when a foldable LED screen cannot fold? Below, ONUMEN will introduce to you:


Methods to deal with a foldable LED screen that cannot fold:

Checking the Connection

It is necessary to check if the connection cables of the foldable LED screen are loose or disconnected. If the connection cables are loose or disconnected, it might cause the screen to not fold properly. You need to check if the connectors of the foldable LED screen's cables are secure and ensure that the cables are not damaged.

Checking the Folding Mechanism

First, check if the folding mechanism of the foldable LED screen is working properly. Ensure that the folding mechanism has not suffered any damage, such as wear and tear, breaks, or deformation. At the same time, make sure that there is no jamming in the folding mechanism, and it can fold and unfold smoothly.

Internal Circuit Fault

If the above checks yield no results, it may be due to an internal circuit fault in the foldable LED screen. In this case, you need to have professionals inspect and repair it. Professional technicians will use specialized tools and equipment to inspect the internal circuit of the foldable LED screen, identify the fault, and carry out repairs.

In summary, these are the methods to deal with a foldable LED screen that cannot fold. It is worth noting that if you are not a professional, please do not disassemble or repair the foldable LED screen yourself. Improper disassembly or repair may lead to more severe damage or safety hazards. Therefore, when you encounter a problem with a foldable LED screen that cannot fold, you should seek professional inspection and repair.