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How to Inspect and Handle the Appearance of Bright Lines on a Foldable LED Screen?

I believe everyone knows that foldable LED screen is a complex screen with LED bulbs assembled together, consisting of unit boards, sending cards, control cards, power supplies, playback boxes, brackets, etc. However, recently, many friends have found that when using the foldable LED screen, occasional bright lines may appear. So do you know how to check and handle it when foldable LED screen has bright lines? The following is an introduction from ONUMEN:


Inspection and handling Methods for Bright Lines on foldable LED screen.

Check if the unit boards of the LED screen are in good condition

The signals of the LED screens are input from one board to another. Therefore, if one board has a problem, it will affect the subsequent boards. Therefore, the unit boards need to be checked one by one for normal operation.

Check if the control card of the LED screen is functioning properly

First, turn on the power and see if the indicator light of the control card is on;If it is not on, check if there is a 5V voltage supply for the foldable and portable LED display screen. If it can display content, it means the display function of the control card is good. Then use the control card software to find the control card. If it can be found, it means the function of sending control card content is good;If not, check if the communication line is properly connected. If it is, it is likely that the card is the problem. As long as these two functions are good, the control card is good. Otherwise, it needs to be replaced.

Determine if the power supply of the LED screen is damaged or can be used normally

Because one power supply controls multiple unit boards. You can measure whether the output voltage is between4.9~5.5v. If the foldable LED screenis not within this range, the power supply may be faulty.

In summary, these are the check and handling methods for bright lines in the foldable LED screen. If the problem cannot be solved through the above methods, please contact Weshi Technology, and we will arrange professional technicians to provide you with detailed answers.