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What Are the Advantages of Using LED Rental Screens for Stage Performances?

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, traditional stage effects that used to be displayed in a single form are no longer able to meet the viewing requirements of the audience. Therefore, in order to better enhance the stage performance effects, LED rental screens are widely used in stage theaters, star concerts, and other evening performance events, bringing the audience a different visual feast. So, do you know the advantages of using LED rental screens in stage performances? Now let Onumen introduce to you:

The application of LED rental screens in stage performances has the following advantages:

  • Create virtual images to enliven the atmosphere

Traditional stage designs are usually created with props, giving the audience a real experience. However, LED rental screens create virtual images through audiovisual devices. They use real and specific virtual images to convey performance information. The flexible and versatile presentation styles can bring new aesthetic experiences to the audience.

  • Replace traditional stage curtains to create rich background effects

In the past, stage curtains were essential equipment for various performance events. Although they have the function of decorating the stage and improving the performance effects, they have very limited scene effects as stage backgrounds. The application of LED rental screens helps to bid farewell to the single stage effects and make the stage backgrounds and performance content more abundant.

  • Freely assemble and combine screens, more flexible than traditional stage designs

Traditional stage designs are generally designed with specific props according to the needs of the performance. Once the performance is over, the props may be discarded. However, LED rental screens can flexibly display content and freely assemble screens into different shapes according to the space and needs of the performance. Especially at the beginning and end of the event, they can be easily installed, dismantled, and transported, avoiding wastage and can be reused in the next event, saving costs for event organizers.

In summary, these are some of the advantages of using LED rental screens in stage performances. LED rental screens should have the functions of "beautiful appearance, lightweight, easy to carry, stable quality". It should also have functions such as wide viewing angle, high contrast, smooth patching, high definition, etc. Therefore, in stage theaters, star concerts, and other evening performance events, it is highly recommended to choose to use LED rental screens.