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What Measures Should Be Taken to Prevent LED Rental Screen from Leakage and Tripping?

LED rental screen is installed and put into use. During use, there may sometimes be a problem of tripping, especially when it rains and thunders, and phenomena such as leakage tripping often occur. Therefore, in order to prevent the LED rental screen from tripping, we should take relevant measures to effectively prevent such incidents from happening. Do you know what measures should be taken to prevent LED rental screen from leakage tripping? The following is an introduction from ONUMEN:


Do a electrical inspection work before the installation of LED rental screen

Protection and inspection of the LED rental screen should be done during installation, and after installation, check whether the lines are broken, whether the leakage protection device is normal, and whether the parameters are correct to avoid mistakes.

The installation of the LED rental screen line should be standardized

According to the power installation specifications on site, the power supply line used for LED rental screen installation needs to use a three-phase distribution line to ensure that there is no problem with the circuit. At the same time, the leakage protection system is installed, and the grounding position is correct to avoid any hidden dangers.

Use standard wires for LED rental screen installation and use

The larger the area of LED rental screen, the higher the power consumption, and the greater the amount of electricity used. The higher the electric current through the wire, the higher the requirements for the wire. According to the standard, the wire needs to meet three basic requirements: the conductive wire is an aluminum wire, the wire cross-sectional area passes the current larger than the power of LED rental screen, and the insulating layer insulation performance requirement reaches 2 megohms.

Selection of leakage protector for LED rental screen

On the market, we use electronic leakage protectors and electromagnetic leakage protectors. However, no matter which one, three-phase or three-phase four-wire systems arranged in magnetic rings will not be completely balanced. Therefore, under high current and high voltage, an electromotive force will be generated in the magnetic induction, and when the potential energy reaches a threshold, the leakage protector will be triggered and tripped.

If the rated operating current of the leakage protector exceeds 30mA or the operating current exceeds twice the rated current of the LED rental screen protector, the increase in the operating current will have a chance to trigger the previous level of the leakage protector to trip. Therefore, to avoid the problem of leakage tripping, we need to choose a suitable leakage protector.

In summary, these are some measures to prevent LED rental screen from leakage tripping. By implementing these measures, we can effectively prevent LED rental screen from leakage tripping and provide users with a better experience.