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What to Do When LED Rental Screen Fails to Load Images?

During the use of the LED rental screen, there are sometimes situations where the image cannot be loaded due to various reasons. When the LED rental screen fails to load images, it will undoubtedly bring us many inconveniences and also affect the normal use of the LED rental screen. Therefore, we should promptly take relevant measures to solve it. Do you know what to do if the LED rental screen fails to load images?

LED rental screen  solutions for not loading images

  • Check if the jumper cap is loose or missing. If the jumper cap is not loose, ensure that the jumper cap is in the correct direction.

  • Check and confirm that the serial port cable used to connect the controller for the LED rental screen is a straight-through cable, not a crossover cable.

  • Check and confirm that the serial connection cable for the LED rental screen is intact and there is no loose or missing at both ends.

  • Compare the LED rental screen control software and the selected control card to select the correct product model, correct transmission method, correct serial port number, correct serial transmission rate, and set the address bits and serial transmission rate on the control system hardware according to the dip switch diagram provided in the software.

  • If the above checks and corrections have been made and the LED rental screen still fails to load, use a multimeter to measure whether the serial port of the connected computer or control system hardware is damaged. Determine whether to return the computer to the manufacturer or send the control system hardware for testing.

What are the benefits of using the LED rental screen for advertising?

Attract Attention

Using the LED rental screen for advertising can attract customers' attention to the commercial advertisements played with more realistic visual effects and colors.

Environmental Friendly and Energy Saving

Different from billboards that harm the environment, the integration of the LED rental screen makes it environmentally friendly and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. In addition, it adds a touch of modernism to the environment and enhances the city's image.

Faster Updates

The commercial environment is dynamic, so using the LED rental screen for advertising helps companies to update information faster when launching new products or services.

Large Display Area

The size of LED rental screens ranges from tens to hundreds of square meters, multiple times larger than traditional electronic advertising media, and has a large viewing angle.

High Advertising Reach

In view of the fact that the main audience is fast-moving people, LED rental screens optimize and combine the advantages of various advertising media such as outdoor advertising, TV advertising, and branded advertising, so as to quickly target the mobile audience and ensure the advertising reach rate.

Diversified playback modes

The LED rental screen has a variety of playback modes including dynamic, static, and a combination of dynamic and static, which can be optimized and combined according to different needs to achieve good playback effects.

Super powerful media that transcends traditional

Compared with traditional media, LED rental screens are superior in various aspects such as dynamics, colors, playback modes, visual range, and advertising effects. Moreover, LED rental screens can play rich and varied content, including text, pictures and animations, giving advertisers more room to select outdoor advertising resources and express advertising content.

In addition, LED rental screens can also implement remote control technology. Using advanced network transmission technology, dynamic display boards can remotely update broadcast content, remotely change broadcast lists, and realize unattended and automatic power on and off functions. .