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Installation Process and Preparation for LED Rental Screen

With the continuous development and improvement of LED technology, LED rental screens have been widely used in various fields such as shopping malls, hotels, airports, subway flight displays, and multimedia video conference display systems for governments and enterprises, following the market demand and the characteristics of energy-saving and economic development advantages. However, LED rental screens are custom-made products and not a simple buying and selling process like general electronic consumer products. They involve a whole set of system design plans' implementation, from pre-sale design in other related industries to post-sale construction, installation, and maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some related information before installation.


LED rental screen installation design process

Check the site and confirm the project situation

Understand the customer's needs. Sometimes, the customer doesn't know what they need specifically, and in this case, we need to go to the site with the customer to help them determine their needs. Before setting off, we need to have a general understanding of the customer's requirements. Mainly inspect the installation position of the LED rental screen, the screen size, what installation method to use, product specifications and models (P number), wiring routes, etc.

Create a preliminary plan

After inspecting the site and understanding the basic situation of the LED rental screen project, create a preliminary plan to facilitate the determination of prices and whether it meets customer requirements. The plan includes module product models, border sizes, steel structures, the number of power supplies, the number of receiving cards, the number of sending cards, the video splicer model, whether a heat dissipation system is required, lightning protection systems, and other related devices.

Customer approves the plan

After the initial LED rental screen installation plan is completed, it is sent to the customer for review. Customers audit the plan and raise modification opinions according to their own needs, whether the plan is reasonable, and whether the price is reasonable. Negotiations, adjustments, and compromises are made based on customer requirements until a satisfactory plan is determined.

After the customer approves the plan, the next step is to determine the plan and sign the contract. Once all the contents are confirmed, the installation and construction of the LED rental screen can begin.

It is necessary to understand the following information before installing the LED rental screen:

You need to know the power supply situation on the site

Before installing the LED rental screen, you need to understand the capacity of the machine room or AC transformer, whether cables need to be rearranged, or whether the cable diameter of the cables that have already been laid meets the requirements. If it is a single-phase power supply, whether there is a ground wire; if it is a three-phase power supply, whether it is a three-phase five-wire. If the cables need to be rearranged, the length of the power supply cable on the site needs to be accurately measured.

You need to know the control position of the LED rental screen and whether communication lines are unobstructed

You need to know the required communication cable length on the site and whether there are other devices whose cables need to be connected to the control end of the LED rental screen or understand the switching method of the signal channel on the site. If the customer does not understand these, at least, you need to understand the customer's application needs, especially for theater-type customers.

You need to know the wall state, installation method, and stress state of the installation location of the LED rental screen

Before installing the LED rental screen, you must know the wall state, installation method, and stress state of the installation location, and confirm whether there are obstacles that affect the installation of the LED rental screen based on the specific size of the LED rental screen. For inset installation, whether the reserved installation groove is appropriate; if the wall has decorative partitions, you must ask the customer about the wall condition. If it is a column screen installation, the geology must be thoroughly understood.