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What to do if there is color difference in foldable LED screen?

When using curtain-type fordable LED screens, we sometimes encounter color distortion. This is because the curtain-type fordable LED screens mainly use red, green, and blue colors to produce various colors. However, these three colors are made of different materials and have different viewing angles. The spectral distribution of different LEDs also varies. These observable differences are called color distortion. So, do you know what to do if the curtain-type fordable LED screens have color distortion? The following is a brief introduction:

Possible reasons and solutions for color distortion in curtain-type fordable LED screens:

Foldable LED screen's LED lamps:

  • Poor heat dissipation leads to high temperature of curtain-type LED display screens.

  • Uneven coating of phosphor, resulting in lower color temperature and yellowing in thicker areas. Poor quality of phosphor.

  • Defects in the encapsulating glue material, positional errors during die bonding, and errors in color separation during spectral splitting.

Solution: Replace the LED lamps.

IC control of curtain-type fordable LED screens:

IC is the central nervous system of the entire curtain-type fordable LED screens. It controls the entire curtain-type fordable and rollable LED screen. If there is a problem with the IC, the only thing that can be done is to adjust the various parameters.

Solution: Contact the manufacturer for repair.

Power supply issues of curtain-type fordable LED screens

Problems with the power supply can also cause color distortion in the curtain-type fordable LED screens. The instability of the power supply system can cause major failures in the entire curtain-type fordable LED screens. Problems with the power supply system can result in uneven power supply to LED modules.

Solution: Contact the foldable led screen factory and manufacturer for repair.

Production process of foldable LED Screens

Foldable LED screens may mix materials and use dot matrices from different batches during production. After the LED modules pass through wave soldering, they are often subjected to testing, repair, pin and socket soldering, and various other processes, which can result in collisions. Before gluing, they go through a process called "whole-row correction." This can easily lead to irregularities in the lights on the foldable LED screen, causing color imbalances in the modules.

Solution: Repair or replace the modules of the foldable LED screen.

In summary, these are the possible reasons for color differences in foldable LED screens and their solutions. We hope this information is helpful.