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Onumen Auto-Lifting Led Boxless Folding Screen Made A Stunning Appearance On Tmall Double 11 Gala

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Tmall Double 11 Gala was jointly broadcasted by Youku, Dragon TV and Zhejiang Satellite TV. Different from previous years, this year’s Double 11 presents the whole party with the theme of the unity of man and nature. Through storytelling, you can experience the ten years of rapid development and changes in China’s business and Tmall.

Stepping into the party scene, the stage in the form of "Tmall" sits on it. The main screen of the led display in the shape of Tmall LOGO echoes the theme of the party.

The four cat head CNC mechanical devices hung above the stage give the stage more depth and enhance the three-dimensional space of the stage. The whole stage is integrated with a sense of trend and technology, and the visual impact is more intense, releasing unlimited creative possibilities.

The creative inspiration for the stage is extended with Tmall LOGO as the prototype. The stage is equipped with a large area, multi-category LED display application products and huge intelligent CNC mechanical devices. The whole stage is full of technology.

Among them, the led screen category includes led boxless ultra-thin stage background screen, led folding screen that can be automatically raised and lowered, led stage floor tile screen, and transparent hollow led screen.

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