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Innovation and Research resulting in Ground Breaking Video Displays

What are Modular LED Screens?

Separate external power supply to the screen makes the LED display revolutionary. The slim and foldable design is space saving and makes for easy transport.

R & D positioning

With easy of installation as the core, and the efficiency of the display, Onumen Modular LED Screens, will set a new standard in the industry.

What are the advantages of separate LED screen?
4S efficiency reconstruction
  • Efficient installation
  • Efficient transportation
  • Efficient storage
  • Efficient maintenance
Efficient installation

Slim and foldable screen, ease of transport and decreased cubic storage, the small and convenient system requires only one-piece hoisting or mounting.

Simple and Fast installation.

Example: 100㎡, P3.9; Labor: ¥400/day, rental frequency: 1 time/week, 48 times/year.
This chart should be in RMB and Dollars Only China figures in RMB, the rest of the world in Dollars

Efficient transportation

Slim, light, time-saving, labor-saving, storage-saving and transportation-saving.

Example: 100㎡, P3.9; Land transportation: ¥3/kg; 48 times/year.


Efficient storage

Folding storage, saving space and saving storage costs.

Example: 100㎡, P3.9; Storage cost: ¥35/㎡

Efficient maintenance

Standard module, dual interface, no power supply, no box structure, support front and rear maintenance; international high-end quality, low maintenance rate and low maintenance cost.

Convenient structure and method, easy to maintain

Separate boxless structure, standardized module design, support front and rear maintenance of the screen; the screen has good heat dissipation, low temperature, no connectors, and stable operation.

Welding wire and direct plug dual interface, welding wire guarantees stability, direct plug maintenance can quickly replace the module.

  • Separate no-cabinet structure
  • ?Standard module design
  • ?Front and rear maintenance
International high-end quality, low maintenance rate and low maintenance cost

CE, ROHS, TUV, FCC and other international product certifications, quality assurance.

The supply of raw materials from world-renowned companies is durable.

Nichia lamp beads, National Star Gold Line, Taiwan Mingyang chip, Chipone Northern chip, Shengyi or KB PCB, NOVA control system, Huawei power supply, etc.

Three-year warranty and good service.

Why separate LED screens can bring high efficiency advantages?

The Visse separate LED screen is equivalent to the box screen:1/3 weight, 1/4 installation labor, 1/5 thickness, 1/6 packaging volume, which can save 80% of operating costs.

Vise separated LED screen:second installation and second unloading, saving time and labor, saving storage and transportation, and the overall efficiency is increased by at least 5 times.

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