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How To Deal with Foldable LED Screen That Can't Save Settings?

Foldable LED screen utilizes advanced LED display technology, allowing them to freely fold as needed, forming various shapes and sizes. This flexibility makes them adaptable in various application scenarios, whether for commercial displays, outdoor advertising, or home entertainment, attracting people's attention with their unique visual effects. However, sometimes, you may encounter issues with saving settings on your foldable LED screen. So, what should you do if your foldable LED screen can't save settings? Here, ONUMEN will introduce:


Possible reasons and solutions for foldable LED screen not saving settings:

Menu Settings

When you find that the foldable LED screen can't save settings, you need to carefully observe if the menu settings of the foldable LED screen is working properly, and if there are any anomalies or error messages. In some cases, the settings menu might have issues due to misoperation or program errors, causing the foldable LED screen to not save settings.

Storage Chip

You need to further check the storage chip of the foldable LED screen. The storage chip is the key component responsible for saving settings data. If it malfunctions, it will directly affect the saving of settings. Therefore, you need to confirm whether the chip is intact and there are no data loss phenomena. If you find problems with the storage chip, it may need to be replaced to ensure the normal operation of the foldable LED screen.

Other Issues

If, after the above checks, the problem still cannot be resolved, then it might be due to a fault in the internal circuit of the foldable LED screen. In this case, it is recommended that you seek help from professional personnel. Professionals possess rich experience and skills to conduct in-depth checks and repairs, identify the root cause of the problem, and take appropriate measures to solve it.

In summary, these are the possible reasons and solutions when a foldable LED screen can't save settings. When encountering such issues, it's necessary to eliminate potential causes one by one and apply appropriate solutions. If the problem cannot be resolved, it is recommended to contact ONUMEN's professional technicians for repairs and adjustments.