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How to Properly Clean Flexible LED Stage Screens?

As an indispensable visual element in modern performances, the clarity and color saturation of flexible LED stage screens can directly affect the audience's viewing experience to some extent. However, after a prolonged period of use, the screen will inevitably accumulate some dust and dirt, thereby affecting the viewing effect. Therefore, we should pay attention to screen cleaning and adopt scientific and effective cleaning measures to bring a clearer and more shocking performance experience to the audience. So, do you know how to properly clean flexible LED stage screens? Below, ONUMEN will introduce you:


Proper Cleaning Methods for Flexible LED Stage Screens

  • It is essential to ensure that the flexible LED stage screens are turned off before cleaning to avoid causing damage to the screen with any liquid or tool while it is powered. Before starting cleaning, be prepared with the appropriate cleaning tools, such as a soft microfiber cloth, dry compressed air can, and a small amount of screen-specific cleaner.

  • In choosing a cleaning agent, we should avoid cleaners containing alcohol, ammonia, and other irritating chemicals. These chemicals may corrode the flexible LED stage screen surface, leading to color distortion or even damage. Instead, mild, PH-neutral cleaners or just pure water should be used for cleaning.

  • During the cleaning process, avoid using excessive force to wipe the screen, as it may cause physical damage. Also, clean along the screen's texture or arrangement direction, which not only removes stains more effectively but also reduces the production of scratches.

  • For some stubborn stains or fingerprints on the surface of the flexible LED stage screen, you can use a dry compressed air can for blowing, helping to remove dust and dirt that is difficult to reach. But make sure the outlet of the compressed air can is clean to avoid blowing any impurities into the interior of the screen.

  • When cleaning, start with the surface dust and dirt on the flexible LED stage screen. Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe the screen surface to remove most of the dust. For stains that are difficult to remove, spray a small amount of screen-specific cleaner on the microfiber cloth, then gently wipe the stained area. It is important to note that the amount of cleaner used should be minimal to prevent liquid from seeping into the interior of the flexible LED stage screen.

  • After cleaning, reinspect the flexible LED stage screens to ensure there are no residues or watermarks. If any anomalies are detected, stop using the screen immediately and seek assistance from professionals.

In summary, the proper cleaning methods of the flexible LED stage screens not only concern the cleanliness of the screen but also its lifespan and display effect. Therefore, we must adopt scientific and meticulous methods to ensure the cleanliness of the screen. By following these proper cleaning methods, we can ensure that the flexible LED stage screens always remain clear and bright, providing a good visual effect for performances.