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How to Adjust the Brightness and Color of Foldable LED Screen?

Nowadays, foldable LED screen is the "favorite" of advertising, with its excellent brightness and color performance, as well as the integrity of the screen without stitching, it can provide us with richer and more ornamental advertising display content, which is widely used in TV broadcasting, shopping malls, hotels, appreciation parties, product launches and other fields.

Foldable LED screen brightness and color adjustment methods

Color adjustment

HD foldable LED screen is displayed in accordance with the principle of three primary colors of light. Determine the red, green, blue one of the colors for the benchmark is mainly based on the choice of products red, green, blue color brightness is different, generally as a brightness benchmark is a low proportion of brightness, when the benchmark of a kind has reached the maximum brightness, for two-color foldable LED screen need to adjust another color, for full-color foldable LED screen to adjust the color of the other two LEDs, etc. .

Adjustment of brightness

Foldable LED screen for brightness adjustment, on the one hand, you need to modulate the pulse width, the use of the human eye can feel the change in frequency, the use of pulse width modulation method to achieve grayscale control, that is, periodically change the width of the light pulse. Pulse width modulation is more suitable for digital control, has been widely used, a common method is to adopt microcomputer, almost all the foldable LED screen is currently adopted pulse width modulation to control the gray level. On the other hand, it is necessary to adjust the current. Ordinary LED tube allows continuous task current in about 20 mA, by changing the current flowing through the LED, in addition to the red LED saturation phenomenon, the rest of the LED brightness is basically proportional to the current flowing through.

Choice of base color wavelength

Foldable LED screen in all walks of life has a very wide range of applications, and in different application sites have different requirements for the LED base color wavelength, the choice of LED base color wavelength some are to achieve good visual effects, some are to meet people's habits, and some are industry standards, national standards and even international standards. Thus, the selection of the wavelength of the base color is an important part of the foldable LED screen brightness and color adjustment.

Ways to extend the service life of the foldable LED screen

Provide a stable power supply

Stable power supply can provide a stable voltage, not easy to cause local high temperature and damage to ensure that the foldable LED screen works normally, thus extending the service life of the foldable LED screen.

Do a good job of regular cleaning of the foldable LED screen

Foldable LED screen large screen for a long time exposed to the outdoor environment wind, sun, some such as dust and other easy to show dirty, over time, the screen is certainly a piece of dust, which requires regular, timely cleaning to prevent dust wrapped around the surface for a long time to affect the viewing effect.

Prohibit the harm of hard objects on the display

If the foldable LED screen screen by hard objects hurt or scratched, then this foldable LED screen is almost finished. So be careful not to let hard objects hurt the foldable led screen, so you can better extend the life of the foldable LED screen.

Non-professionals please do not private assembly

Foldable LED screen is a precision instrument, out of the question try not to take apart their own private repair, it is likely to cause danger to themselves. Therefore, it is highly recommended to seek professional assistance from a folding led display factory if any repairs or maintenance are required.

Need to make the foldable LED screen with labor and rest

There is labor and rest is to let it have their own rest time, if the foldable LED screen work for a long time without rest, it is likely to lead to crystal aging or burnout. This will directly cause the foldable LED screen bright spots and bad dots. This is with devastating harm, with non-recoverable. So in general do not let the foldable LED screen for a long time in the power on state. Or every long period of time to let it standby for a period of time, are able to extend the life of the foldable LED screen.

People's demand for foldable LED screen is getting higher and higher, the color coordinate subdivision and screening has been unable to meet people's discerning eyes, and we can make the chromaticity uniformity improved by doing a good job of foldable LED screen brightness and color adjustment, so as to meet the needs of users. At the same time to do a good job of maintenance maintenance work, to extend the life of the foldable LED screen, to protect the normal work of the foldable LED screen.