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Connection Method and Daily Maintenance Tips for Automatic Lifting Hanging LED Screen

The automatic lift LED screen screens seen in venues such as stages, concerts, and evening parties are all composed of multiple LED modules spliced together through relevant connections to achieve seamless connection, making it easy to fold, automatically lift, quickly retract, and conveniently move, and allowing for the creation of creative shapes such as waves, arcs, rings, cylinders, steps, irregular shapes and more. They have provided visual effects services for many stage performances, creating many classic and stunning stage scenes. Do you know the various connection methods for automatic lifting hanging LED screen screens?

For the automatic lifting hanging LED screen screen connection method, there are mainly the following

Hybrid connection

Based on the advantages of parallel and series connection mentioned above, there are two types of hybrid connection methods: one is the series-parallel mixed connection, and the other is the parallel-series mixed connection.

Overall series connection

In the simple series connection method, LED1-n are connected end-to-end, and the current flowing through each corresponding LED screen screen is equal. Another type is the series connection with a bypass, which is an improved connection method with a ratio of 1.1.

Overall parallel connection

One is a simple parallel form, and the other is an independently matched parallel form. Simple parallel way of LED1-n first and last parallel connection, work on each LED to bear the voltage equal. This reliability is not high, but also for this problem to take the parallel form of independent matching, with good driving effect, a single automatic lifting hanging LED screen protection is complete, failure does not affect the work of other screens, can match with a large difference.

Cross-array connection

Cross-array shape is mainly proposed to improve the reliability of the work of automatic lifting LED screen and reduce the failure rate.

Daily maintenance tips for hanging LED screen


Keep the humidity of the hanging LED screen using environment, and don't expose it to the humid environment for a long time. Do not use in harsh natural conditions, such as lightning, typhoons, etc. LED automatic lifting screen of the main control computer and other equipment, should be placed in air-conditioned rooms, to ensure that the computer ventilation and heat dissipation, stable work, and stable power supply.

Do not enter the body of water

LED screen body do not enter the water, iron powder and other easily conductive metal, placed in a low environment, large dust on the display effect will have an impact, and too much dust on the circuit will also have damage. If the hanging LED screen inadvertently into the water, need to immediately power off and contact maintenance personnel, until the LED automatic lifting screen inside the display board dry before use.

Do not be in the full bright screen for a long time

When hanging LED screen, do not spend a long time in all-white, all-red, all-green and other all-bright screen, so as not to cause excessive current, power line heating, led lamp damage, thus affecting the service life of the display. led automatic lifting screen surface can be wiped with alcohol, or use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dust.

Use the process of regular good check

To regularly check whether the hanging LED screen can work properly, whether the line is damaged. If there is a problem, you need to find professionals to test and repair, do not disassemble yourself to avoid unnecessary losses.

With the continuous development of science and technology, hanging LED screen with its own ability to create a more innovative and creative appearance and can be automatically lifted with the rhythm of the performance and other features, more shocking and immersive performance environment, and therefore favored by many choreographers. And we in the daily use of LED automatic lifting screen process, if you can do some daily maintenance work, will be more conducive to extending the service life of the LED automatic lifting screen, to ensure its durability.