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What Are the Advantages of Using a Mobile LED Splicing Screen for Advertising?

At present, mobile LED splicing screen has become one of the main forms of advertising in major cities, especially for small rental occasions, small and medium-sized conferences and exhibitions, showgrounds, electronic advertising displays in shopping malls, electronic advertising displays in airports, electronic advertising displays in super retail, etc. Mobile LED splicing screen often has a strong focus, can attract attention, is an important part of the layout of modern city construction. So do you know what is the advantage of using mobile LED splicing screen for advertising? The following Vise Technology editorial for you to introduce:

Advantages of using mobile LED splicing screen for advertising

High coverage

Mobile LED splicing screen is usually installed in high-end commercial areas and crowded transportation hubs. Mobile LED splicing screen stimulates consumers' desire to buy through high frequency communication with them.

Beautify the city

The use of mobile LED splicing screen release some government information and city promo, can be very good to beautify the city's image, can also improve the city's class and taste, mobile LED splicing screen is also very widely used, like stadiums, exhibition centers, bus hubs, etc., led display has indirectly reflected the economic, cultural and social life of a city.

Strong visual impact

Mobile LED splicing screen has a large size, dynamic and acoustic features in one, can touch the audience's senses in all directions, effectively convey information and guide consumption. Nowadays, there are more and more advertisements, due to the limited memory and infinite information dissemination, making the mobile LED splicing screen a scarce resource.

Low audience revulsion rate

Mobile LED splicing screen can broadcast programs to a larger audience in a real and timely manner. Including features, columns, animation, advertising, variety, drama, etc., rich content, to avoid advertising audience conscious active avoidance, resulting in contact barriers. The survey shows that the antipathy rate of mobile LED splicing screen advertisement is much lower than the broadcasting rate of TV advertisement.

Mobile LED splicing screen installation to meet the following requirements

Wiring requirements

When installing the mobile LED splicing screen, wiring attention to distinguish between its power and signal lines, and installed in different locations to avoid interference. In addition, according to the screen size and installation location of the entire project, calculate the length and specifications of the various lines required and calculate the needs of the entire project.

Frame requirements

In order to facilitate future maintenance of mobile LED splicing screen, the edge of the frame is removable. There should be a gap of about 25mm between the inner edge of the outer frame and the outer edge of the wall combination on each side, and for large wall combinations, the margin should be increased appropriately according to the number of columns. In addition, in order to facilitate later access to the box for maintenance, the maintenance channel is in principle not less than 1.2m wide. For the removable edge strip, try to press the edge of the screen by 3-5mm. after the box and screen are completely installed in place, the removable edge strip thus gets better fixed.

Ventilation requirements

Maintenance channel to install air conditioning or air vents to ensure good ventilation of mobile LED splicing screen. The air outlet should be as far away as possible from the LCD splicing wall (about 1m in length), the air at the outlet should not blow directly to the box, so as not to damage the screen due to uneven heat and cold.

Environmental requirements

Although the brightness of the mobile LED splicing screen is very high, but after all, it is still limited, so the selected installation environment around the light can not be too strong. If too strong, the screen may not be visible. If necessary, lights that may enter the vicinity of the screen (such as windows) should be blocked, and the lights should be turned off when the equipment is running to ensure proper operation. Do not install the light directly in front of the screen, only the barrel light can be installed.

Installation site requirements

The installation floor of the mobile LED splicing screen should be flat, because the volume and weight of the entire system of mobile LED splicing screen is relatively large. The selected floor also needs to have a certain load-bearing capacity. If the floor is tile, it may not be able to withstand its weight. Another point is that the installed floor should be anti-static.


In summary, we can see that the use of mobile LED splicing screen for advertising has the advantages of high coverage, city beautification, strong visual impact, and low audience revulsion rate. Mobile LED splicing screen and city beautification, store layout, street links complement each other, is a landscape of modern cities.