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Advantages of Outdoor LED Advertising Screens Compared to Conventional Media

In the past, the ordinary outdoor advertising media modes that we used to see on the streets, such as single-column advertisements, lightbox advertisements, bridge advertisements, three-sided flipping advertisements, etc., have long ceased to meet the needs of users. With the development of society and the continuous progress of technology, in this era where the demand for outdoor advertising is getting higher and higher, more and more LED advertising screens are being used for outdoor advertising. Do you know what advantages outdoor advertising display screens have over ordinary media? Below, ONUMEN will introduce them to you:


Outdoor LED advertising screens have the following advantages over ordinary media:

Advertising with LED display screens has diverse display forms

When many shopping malls and high-rise buildings use LED advertising screens for advertising, and when highway display screens are installed, they are mostly located in conspicuous positions on the road, such as above tollbooths on highways, on both sides of highways, or spanning highways or city streets, with high precision, high brightness, and the ability to achieve synchronous playback of pictures, texts, and sounds, which brings people a certain visual impact. According to statistics, in recent years, China's outdoor advertising industry has grown by double digits every year, and its share of the total advertising spending has been increasing year by year. Among them, the annual growth rate of the advertising broadcast volume of outdoorLEDadvertising screens has always been over30%, which has surpassed the dissemination rate of ordinary media.

LED advertising screens have long-lasting advertising effects and high returns

Outdoor LED advertising screens can beautify the city's image, enrich people's leisure life, and become a display window for brand image and city image. Compared with television advertising and other forms, outdoor advertising displays can play public welfare content such as urban promotional films, so they are not easily disliked by the audience and have a significantly higher acceptance rate than traditional television advertising. At the same time, outdoor LED advertising screens have energy-saving and environmentally friendly product characteristics. The led commercial advertising display screen can support 24-hour uninterrupted information dissemination needs, and has excellent performance such as waterproof, lightning protection, and earthquake resistance, making it suitable for the application needs in harsh outdoor environments.

LED advertising screens are installed in geographically advantageous locations

The more geographically advantageous and densely populated sections, the more outdoor LED advertising screens are set up on the roadside. For example, there are many cross-road billboards on urban overpasses, pedestrian overpasses, and intersections, as well as on highways, service areas, bus and train stations, and airports. The advantage is that these locations are often deceleration zones for vehicles and pedestrians, and large-sized, colorful images can create a stronger visual impact. In the era of information explosion, it is often easier for outdoorLED advertising screens to stand out from the overwhelming advertising, effectively communicate with the audience, and achieve the purpose of brand image and public information dissemination.

In summary, these are some of the advantages that outdoor advertising display screens have over ordinary media. Especially as the first-tier city market gradually becomes saturated, more outdoor advertising display screens have entered second- and third-tier cities, once again igniting the LED display screen boom.