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The Future Development Trend of Led Display in 2021

With the rapid development of technology, traditional media advertising and information dissemination forms can no longer meet people's needs. Because of its bright colors and clear images, LED display screens provide audiences with stunning visual effects, highlighting the commercial value of media advertising to the greatest extent, and become the most popular advertising carrier for advertising owners in the new media era. In fact, it is not only in the advertising industry. LED display screens are also widely used in sports venues for event broadcasting, timing and scoring, and stage performance background effects for some stage plays. The future commercial display market is vast and huge. Today we will discuss the future development trend of LED displays.

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1. First, the trend of light and thin

At present, almost everyone in the industry advertises the characteristics of thin and light boxes. Indeed, thin and light boxes are an inevitable trend to replace iron boxes. In the past, the weight of iron boxes is not low. In addition to the weight of steel structures, the overall weight is very heavy. . In this way, many floors of buildings are difficult to withstand such heavy attachments, the load-bearing balance of the building, the pressure of the foundation, etc. are not easy to accept, and it is not easy to disassemble and transport, and the cost is greatly increased. Therefore, the light and thin box body is not acceptable to all manufacturers. A trend that is not updated. ONUMEN LED display has an original separate structure, external power supply, no cabinet, thin and foldable, and one-piece hoisting is simple and quick.

2. Patent protection trends

The LED industry is highly competitive. Almost every company is competing for the market, grabbing customers, and expanding scale, but few companies really focus on product research and development. In fact, in order to maintain technological competitiveness and reduce the risk of technology spillover, patents are the most important thing. Good way of protection. As the industry slowly matures, regulates, and protects one's intellectual property rights and intangible assets by applying for patents is also an inevitable development trend of the LED large screen industry.

3. Three, fast stitching trend

This is mainly for the LED rental display. Lease is characterized by frequent disassembly and assembly to meet temporary needs, so the display cabinets must be able to be spliced quickly and accurately. Lightweight and thin design is the biggest demand of LED rental screens. LED displays need to be disassembled and moved frequently because of the particularity of their application places. The thinner and lighter LED rental screens are more convenient to transport and can save more costs. Therefore, fast and accurate installation is also the development trend of LED display screens.

4. Four, energy-saving trends

my country has always advocated energy conservation and emission reduction, and energy conservation and environmental protection are also new propositions for future life. Compared with other traditional advertising methods, the LED display has its own energy-saving and environmentally friendly "halo" --- the LED display has the function of self-adjusting brightness. The luminescent material used in the LED display itself is an energy-saving product, but in the actual application process, the display area is usually a large occasion, long-term operation and high-brightness playback, the power consumption is naturally not to be underestimated. In outdoor advertising applications, in addition to the costs associated with the LED display itself, the advertising owners will also increase the electricity bill geometrically with the use of the equipment. Therefore, only by upgrading from the technical level can the problem of product energy saving be solved from the root cause. Reducing the power consumption of LED display screens and realizing real energy saving must be the most important development trend of LED display screens.

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5. Five, standardization trend

LED displays have mushroomed, but only those few can be recognized by the industry. After many small companies were established, because of their small scale, small capital, and R&D capabilities, they tried to take shortcuts, sloppy designs, and even ignorantly copy the designs of large companies. As a result, the entire market was flooded with defective products. Customers have a headache, this kind of behavior is not responsible for the customer. Therefore, the standardization of LED large-screen products is also an inevitable trend.

6. Trend of smaller spacing

In order to obtain a better viewing effect in the future, the LED display will have higher and higher requirements for the clarity and fidelity of the display. If you want to be able to restore the authenticity of colors and display clear images on smaller displays, then high-density, small-pitch LED displays will become one of the future development trends.

Shenzhen ONUMEN Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and has always focused on the design and development of separate LED screens. It has obtained more than 90 "slim and foldable" invention patents worldwide. All patents have formed an international patent group worldwide. All have been transformed into technical achievements, and the products have passed CE, ROHS, TUV, FCC, CCC and other certifications. Slim, light and efficient, it will show more creative possibilities for the glorious world.

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