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How to Solve the Problem of Pixel out of Control in Mobile Splicing Screens?

Pixel out of control is a common problem in mobile splicing screens, primarily referring to the phenomenon where some or all pixels do not display the image and colors accurately as preset during the display process. This often manifests as abnormal colors of pixels, unusual brightness, flickering, or complete shut down. After all, the mobile splicing screenis made up of thousands of pixels, each capable of independently controlling and emitting light of different colors. Therefore, once the pixels are out of control, it can severely affect the overall display effect. Do you know how to solve the pixel out of control issue for the mobile splicing screen? Below, let's hear from ONUMEN:


There Are Many Reasons for Pixel out of Control in Mobile Splicing Screens

  • It might be due to issues with the LED beads themselves, such as aging, damage, or poor quality;

  • It could also be due to failures in the control system, such as unstable signal transmission, driver errors, etc;

  • External environmental factors could also be the cause, such as high temperature, excessive humidity, electromagnetic interference, etc.

However, regardless of the cause, it's necessary to promptly troubleshoot to ensure the normal operation of the mobile  splicing screen. 

To Effectively Prevent and Solve the Problem of Pixel out of Control, We Can Take the Following Measures

  • When choosing a mobile splicing screen, focus on quality and service, select regular brands and high-quality products;

  • Follow standard operations during installation and use to avoid damage from excessive bending, vibration, or impact;

  • In terms of maintenance and care, regularly clean, inspect, and repair to promptly identify and solve problems, ensuring the display's long-term stable operation.

In summary, these are the causes of pixel out of control in mobile splicing screens and the corresponding measures. By understanding the causes and solutions, we can quickly troubleshoot when a problem arises, ensuring the normal use and viewing quality of the mobile splicing screen.