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What Aspects Should Be Considered When Installing LED Rental Screen?

Currently, the use of LED rental screen in large concerts, TV stations, stage applications, press conferences, and other scenarios can make the on-site effects and atmosphere better. It can bring a more immersive visual experience to the audience and also adds more creativity and possibilities to the performance. However, the installation of LED rental screen is a relatively complex task, so, in order to better ensure safety, we often need to consider multiple aspects when installing LED rental screen. So, do you know what aspects need to be considered during the installation of LED rental screen? The following is an introduction from ONUMEN:


When installing LED rental screen, the following aspects should be considered:

Consider the Size and Weight of the Screen

For large events or performances, it is necessary to choose larger-sized LED rental screen to provide better visual effects, but this also increases the difficulty and weight of installation. Therefore, we need to choose the appropriate screen size and ensure that there are enough lifting equipment and technical personnel to safely install and operate.

Consider the Resolution and Display Effect

High-resolution LED rental screen can provide clearer and more delicate picture effects, but at the same time, they also require higher technical support and higher costs. In addition, to ensure that the audience at a distance can clearly see the content on the screen, we also need to reasonably select the brightness and contrast parameters of the LED rental screen.

Consider Power and Signal Transmission Issues

Large LED rental screen requires a large amount of power supply, so it is necessary to configure sufficient capacity power supply and stable signal transmission systems. At the same time, to facilitate on-site operation and management, we also need to reserve enough wiring ports and signal ports for the LED rental screen.

Consider Durability and Safety Issues

Since LED rental screen often needs to be frequently moved and installed in different venues and environments, it is necessary to choose high-quality materials and structures to ensure the stability and durability of the LED rental screen. At the same time, to prevent accidents, we also need to strengthen safety measures, such as installing protective nets and safety ropes, etc.

In summary, we can see that many aspects need to be considered when installing LED rental screen, including screen size and weight, resolution and display effect, power supply and signal transmission, durability and safety, etc. Only by comprehensively considering these factors and taking corresponding measures can we ensure that the LED rental screen performs well in events and performances and guarantee the safety of personnel and equipment.