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What Are the Common Power Supply Systems for Installing Folding LED Display Screens?

Nowadays, with the continuous progress of social technology, the application of foldable LED display screens has become more and more common, and almost all industries are using them. However, good power distribution equipment is one of the important conditions for the reliable operation of foldable LED display screens. Therefore, when installing, we often need to have relevant knowledge of power supply systems to help you better complete the installation of foldable LED display screens. Do you know what common power supply systems are used for installing foldable LED display screens? Below, ONUMEN will introduce them to you:


Common power supply systems for installing foldable LED display screens:

PLC control power supply system

For foldable LED display screens with power exceeding 10KW, it is necessary to install a power distribution cabinet. You can choose a power distribution cabinet with remote control function or PLC control function according to your needs. The power distribution cabinet with PLC control function is smarter. Using an LCD controller, you can remotely operate the foldable LED display screens and devices inside the screen such as air conditioners and fans. It can monitor the environmental temperature inside the screen in real time, as well as the brightness of the environment outside the screen, and provide corresponding alarm information. In practical situations, the environmental conditions of projects are generally not good, so it is recommended to use power distribution cabinets controlled by PLC. The indoor screen project has better environmental conditions and limited space, so PLC control is not required to complete the installation.

Remote Communication System

When the communication distance is within 1.2 kilometers, a pair of RS422/RS232 communication modules can be installed on the communication line of the folding LED display screen. For communication distances of several kilometers or tens of kilometers, optical fiber communication must be used, and the communication modules at both ends of the PLC and the computer must be replaced with optical fiber RS232 converters.

Power Monitoring System

In order to reduce the impact on the power grid when the high-power folding LED display screen starts, there are several delayed power supplies for the display. The power status indicator lights for each power source are displayed in the error alarm status box of the PLC control interface.

Temperature Monitoring System

The LCD controller monitoring interface provides real-time temperature display inside the folding LED display screen. In automatic mode, if the temperature inside the screen exceeds 65 degrees, the monitoring screen will display a high-temperature message. After the LCD controller issues an alert, the system will automatically shut off the power to prevent fires.

Safety and Fire Monitoring System

The folding LED display screen is also equipped with several smoke detectors. When a fire occurs inside the screen, there will be corresponding prompt messages on the LCD controller monitoring interface, and the system will automatically cut off power.

In conclusion, the installation of folding LED display screens includes common power supply systems such as PLC-controlled power system, remote communication system, power monitoring system, temperature monitoring system, safety and fire monitoring system, and more. We hope this information is helpful to everyone. Of course, if you want to gain a deeper understanding of the technology related to folding LED display screens, you can contact or leave a message to consult with ONUMEN, and we will arrange professionals to assist you.