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Led Screen Maintenance

1. Importance of LED screen maintenance

LED display screen will cause various faults due to pollution, looseness, vibration, heat and environmental temperature changes during use, which will affect the normal use of the display screen and even cause serious accidents. Therefore, the daily maintenance of LED display has become an important work. Here, we will share with you some daily maintenance methods of LED display, hoping to help you.

2. LED screen maintenance suggestions

Fastening of conventional screen connector

LED display screen is a kind of high power consumption equipment. After running for a period of time, due to multiple startup, shutdown and operation, the wiring terminals of the power supply part will become loose due to cold and hot, and the contact is not tight, forming a virtual connection, causing serious heat, and even igniting the plastic components beside. Signal terminals will also become loose due to changes in ambient temperature and cold, and poor contact will be caused by moisture erosion, which will lead to equipment failure. Therefore, it is necessary to fasten the connector of LED display regularly. During the adjustment of fasteners, they shall be uniform and appropriate to ensure that they are firm and effective.

Screen cleaning

For displays with low protection level, especially outdoor LED screens, the dust in the air can easily enter the equipment from the ventilation hole, which will accelerate the fan wear and other equipment loss, or even damage. The dust may also fall on the surface of the control devices inside the screen, reducing the heat conduction and insulation performance. In wet weather, the dust will absorb moisture, which will lead to short circuit, and will also lead to the mildew of PCB boards and electronic components for a long time, leading to the decline of the technical performance and failure of the equipment.

Keep the humidity of LED large screen environment

Don't let anything with humidity property enter your full-color LED screen. Electrifying the large screen of full-color LED display screen with high humidity will corrode the components and cause permanent damage.

Regularly check whether the large screen LED display works normally and whether the circuit is damaged. If not, replace it in time. If the circuit is damaged, it shall be repaired or replaced in time. Place the main control computer and other relevant equipment in an air-conditioned and dust-free room to maintain the ventilation, heat dissipation and stable operation of the computer. Non professionals are prohibited from touching the internal circuit of the large LED display screen to avoid electric shock or damage to the circuit. If there is a problem, please call a professional for inspection and repair.