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How to Calibrate the Display Colors of a Foldable LED Screen?

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of color correction technology, people's requirements for the display quality of foldable LED screens are getting higher and higher. It has already shifted from pursuing brightness and white balance indicators to the requirements for display uniformity and color fidelity. Therefore, the color calibration method of foldable LED screens has become a key focus of the industry. So do you know how to calibrate the display color of foldable LED screens? Below, Onumen TECHNOLOGIES will introduce to you:

Foldable LED screen color calibration method:

  • Color sample calibration:

Select a set of color samples, including neutral gray scales, saturated colors, and samples with different brightness levels. Display these samples on the entire foldable LED screen and observe their color performance.

  • Use color calibration tools:

Use professional color calibration tools, such as color calibration devices and software, to calibrate the color of each foldable LED screen. These tools can measure the color output of foldable LED screens and make corrections to achieve consistent colors throughout the foldable LED screen.

  • Color adjustment:

Adjust the color settings of each foldable LED screen, including color temperature, color saturation, color balance, etc., based on the measurement results and feedback from the color calibration tool, in order to achieve consistent color performance of the entire foldable LED screen.

  • Verification and fine-tuning:

Repeat the calibration and verification process until the desired color consistency and accuracy are achieved. Conduct actual content testing, including images, videos, and text, to ensure that the color performance of the entire foldable LED screen meets expectations.

To sum up, that is the color calibration method of foldable LED screens. By calibrating the color of foldable LED screens, we can help you achieve a good display effect and create a stunning visual experience. However, different models and brands of foldable LED screens may have different settings options and methods, so it is recommended to refer to the relevant user manual or contact the manufacturer for specific foldable LED screen color calibration adjustment guidelines.