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How Much is the Led Screen Price

With the advancement of society and the development of technology, the use of led display screens has become more and more extensive, and the competition in the led display screen industry has become more and more fierce. A question that users often ask when choosing led displays is "the price of led displays." What is the price of the led display? Let's take a look!

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How much is the led display price

The factors affecting the price of led display are as follows:

1. Demand:  

According to the different needs of users and different scenarios, the specifications of the selected led display screen are also different, and the price will also be different.

2. Raw materials and process: 

Even with the same specifications, because different manufacturers use different raw materials and processes to produce LED displays, the final price is also different. Therefore, whether users are buying or renting LED displays, they must not make a decision based on price alone, quality is more important! The Vise LED display is supplied by world-renowned companies such as Nichia lamp beads, National Star Gold Wire, Chipone North, Shengyi PCB, NOVA Control System, Huawei Power Supply and other world-renowned companies, which are durable and have guaranteed quality.

3. Installation: 

The installation location, installation method, personnel configuration, installation time, etc. of the led display will affect the final price. The traditional cabinet screen is cumbersome, cumbersome to install, time-consuming and cost-consuming; Vise's original separate led display screen is thin and foldable, and the weight is only 1/3 of the cabinet screen, and the manual installation only requires 1/ 4. The thickness is only 1/5 of the box screen, and the packaging volume is only 1/6 of the box screen. The overall efficiency is increased by at least 5 times, which can save 80% of operating costs.

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The above are several factors that easily affect the price of led display screens. ONUMEN editor reminds everyone: don't be too entangled with the price of the led display, quality is the most important. Only good quality can reduce the cost of subsequent problems.

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