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What Aspects Should Be Considered When Designing the LED Stage Screen?

In many stage performances, it is often necessary to use stage rental LED display as background walls and display to create wonderful scenes and special backgrounds, and to fully enhance the artistic conception of the performance, giving people a sense of being immersed in the scene. Therefore, people have relatively high requirements for LED display, especially when designing the screens, there are many aspects to consider. Do you know what aspects need to be considered when designing LED display? Let's find out below.


Stage rental LED display needs to pay attention to the following aspects when designing:

High requirement for pixel pitch of LED display for stage rental

With the continuous upgrading of LED technology, the manufacturing technology of LED display has also been continuously improved. For large screens, resolution is crucial as it directly affects the visual enjoyment of the users.

Strict requirements for encapsulation technology of LED display for stage rental

One of the factors that mainly determines the quality of LEDs is the materials used, such as chips, brackets, adhesives (epoxy resin), and gold wire. Another factor is the packaging process. Pixel packaging technology is related to the color saturation, viewing angle, production cost, and quality stability of the entire stage rental LED display. Therefore, strict requirements are needed for the packaging technology of LED display

Strict design of control circuits for the stage rental LED display

The LED control part is the core part that determines the stage effect of LED display. The control circuit is equipped with high-performance microcontroller chips. The controller sends control signals and data to the LED driver chips through internal control programs. When the LED driver chips receive the signals, they generate corresponding actions to control each channel of the red, green, and blue LED emitting chips separately.

Specific requirements for video shooting of stage rental LED display

Although a high refresh rate ensures that even under high-speed camera recording, the large screen can respond promptly, resulting in smoother transitions and more fluid visual changes. However, during usage, you might notice that when the camera lens is pointed at the stage rental LED display, strange wavy lines and unusual colors occasionally appear, and these moiré patterns will change with alterations in shooting angles and camera lens adjustments. This significantly impacts the display quality of both live broadcasts and recordings, and this is the moiré effect caused by digital television cameras.

In summary, these are some aspects to consider when designing the screen body for a  stage rental LED display.  Stage rental LED displays, as high-tech products, are capable of presenting more realistic and vivid colors and images for various entertainment events, enhancing the visual effects of performances significantly.