Onumen multiple innovative solutions

Efficient, stunning, professional, systematic, customizable

● High quality, stable and reliable, low maintenance cost

● Convenient installation, high efficiency display, energy saving and environmental protection, high cost performance

● Rich functions, multimedia publishing

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  • Digital signage

    A brand-new media concept applied to public places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, hotels, etc. Realistic display of rich context, full display of video creativity, to achieve better customer interaction and experience.

  • Outdoor big screen

    Building advertisements, large-scale construction advertisements, etc. The large screen is seamlessly spliced to perfectly display the advertising effect; there is no need to change the wall structure, and it is suitable for all kinds of outdoor large-screen advertising display scenes, especially for landmark buildings.

  • Street View Advertising

    Hollow design, ventilation and rainproof; fully presenting a dynamic and better picture, achieving a more beautiful shape, which is refreshing. Improve urban quality and fashion sense, and promote urban development.

  • Seamless splicing, customized to construction

    Free splicing into large screen, flexible and efficient. The size can be customized according to the shape of the exterior wall of the building, without changing the wall structure, and the display is not limited.

  • High-definition picture quality, vivid colors

    High brightness, it can be clearly visible under direct sunlight, and can be adjusted automatically with ambient light. Wide viewing angle and color gamut, rich and delicate colors.

  • Convenient installation and simple maintenance

    Slim and foldable, quick installation, time-saving, labor-saving and money-saving. Support front and rear maintenance, simple, efficient, and worry-free.

  • Hollowed out, ventilated and rainproof

    Hollow design, not only transparent and unobstructed, but also makes the picture beautiful. IP65 high protection level, no fear of wind, frost, rain and snow, easy to meet with various weather.

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