1m*2m standard size mobile screen,more convenient and cheerful.

A small flight box contains all the parts,no matter where you are, you can easily take it to your destination.

Unpacking, one-key lifting and set up, no additional structure, worry-free display of wonderful pictures.

With multiple built-in motors, the control distance of the electric lifting rod can reach 100m, which is far enough, smart enough, and cool enough!

All-in-one design

Quick installation without additional installation structure.

It takes only three steps for a single person to install in five minutes.

The display screen blends with the environment, both artistic and ethereal

  • Slim
     14 mm
  • Light
  •  Foldable
Automatic lifting design 

Built-in DC motor multiple control

One-key lifting and automatic installation

Control distance up to 100 meters

Dual design of plug-in connector and soldering connector

Special soldering and plug-in connector design

Module power cable and signal cable are combined into one

Soldering connector to ensure product stability

At the same time, the spare plug-in connector can be used for quick maintenance and module replacement

  • no fan
  • no frame
Unlimited seamless splicing

EP series achieve seamless splicing

It solves the visual defect of segmentation of large-screen splicing, and present super-large and complete display pictures.

At the same time, it can be horizontally infinitely spliced to meet the different needs of various occasions.

  • slim
     14 mm
  • lightweight
  • folding
  • no fan
  • no frame

It is suitable for small indoor and outdoor mobile advertising and leasing, especially for scenes that require quick loading,quick unloading, quick splicing to make large screen.
For example: small rental occasions, small and medium conferences and exhibitions, show venues, shopping malls electronic advertising display, airport electronic advertising display, supermarket retail electronic advertising display, etc.

  • Product launch

  • Park

  • Conference

  • Airport

  • Shopping mall

  • Fashion show

  • Traditional posters are outdated and pollute the environment.

  • The electronic advertising screen is not only spliced with seams, but is also inconvenient to move and nowhere to store.

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