The unit module has built-in powerful magnets,

Even in the severe weather of wind, frost, rain and snow outdoors,

domineering magnetic force can be firmly attached and fixed, giving people a long-lost sense of security.

Magnetic mounting, one-sticking,

It can be fixed with strong magnetic attraction + screws, seamless splicing large screen,

Lighter, worry-free, black technology.

Separate design of power supply and screen

External power supply, no need fan, air conditioner for cooling

The screen body works at low temperature and has a long life

Low failure and high reliability

  • Slim
     16 mm
  • Light
     12.5 kg/㎡
  • Foldable
Dual design of plug-in connector and soldering connector 

Unit board soldering connection to ensure stable operation of the screen

The connector is used as a spare interface,

Realize quick repair

Front and rear maintenance

Reliable magnetic design

Support front and rear maintenance, depends on the installation method

Support replacement of led module

  • No fan
  • No frame
180°foldable·Exclusive patent

Magic Plus supports 180° folding

Support 180 ° backward folding

  • slim
     16 mm
  • lightweight
  • folding
  • no fan
  • no frame

Slim and lightweight

The screen weighs 12.5 kg per square meter and has 16 mm thickness,

which minimizes the installation structure and minimizes the impact on the building

Lower steel structure and labor costs,

Less maintenance space and weight.

  • slim
     16 mm
  • lightweight
     12.5 kg/㎡
System connection diagram A

It can be folded at 180°, suitable for small and medium outdoor applications, and scenes that do not require ventilation or light transmission.

For example: medium-sized outdoor fixed installations, medium-sized outdoor advertisements, medium-sized outdoor signs, etc.

  • Outdoor LED wall billboard

  • Outdoor light pole screen

  • Shopping mall

  • Building advertisement

  • Airport

  • Subway advertising

Customized research and development for scenarios with insufficient load-bearing, limited space, complex installation, and difficult construction.

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