Onumen multiple innovative solutions

Efficient, stunning, professional, systematic, customizable

● High quality, stable and reliable, low maintenance cost

● Convenient installation, high efficiency display, energy saving and environmental protection, high cost performance

● Rich functions, multimedia publishing

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  • Conference creative display

    Covers art performances, wedding shows, opening ceremony performances, leisure and entertainment, etc. Dynamic stage beauty, creative heart, high-quality display, pleasant video and voice effects; one-key lifting can be folded and hidden, retract and release

  • Creative display in the banquet hall

    Innovation and creativity as the core, embodying the spirit of innovation, peculiar shape, strong rendering power, full of personality, stunning audio-visual effects, providing services for high-quality, creative enterprises and the image enhancement of major cities

  • Theater creative display

    Covering movie theaters, theaters, concert halls, etc., combined with the established nine series and symbols, structural mechanics technology and experience, seeking excellent video and voice and stunning display effects

  • High-definition picture quality, rich colors

    Wide viewing angle, high contrast, high resolution, low brightness and high gray. Seamless splicing, wide color gamut, clear and moving pictures

  • Energy saving and consumption reduction, zero noise

    Separate design of power supply and screen body, low heat, no fan, zero noise, energy saving and consumption reduction, creating a quiet and comfortable working environment

  • Easy to install. save time and energy

    Thin 1.5cm, light 12.5kg/㎡, can be suspended and installed, no structure is required, and can be customized. Flexible, light, simple and efficient.

  • One key up and down, retract and release

    Lightweight and foldable, one-key lifting, folding and hiding, retract and release, without blocking the building, efficient use of space, convenient and worry-free.

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