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Onumen separated LED screen leads the new market trend

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In 11 years, xxx companies have benefited deeply from Onumen’s separate LED screens

Subvert tradition, epoch-making change
Onumen LED,separate and convenient installation inventor

Slim and foldable, saving people and time

It only takes 2 people and 1 hour to install a 100 m large screen

Epoch-making efficient display technology Core technology: 4S efficiency reconstruction


1.Efficient installation

2.Efficient transportation

3.Efficient storage

4.Efficient maintenance。

From the innovation of communication scientific research technology system.

More than 90 items worldwide "Slim and foldable" invention patents

All Onumen patents have formed an international patent group worldwide, and all patents have been transformed into technical achievements, and have passed CE, ROHS, TUV, FCC, cCC and other certifications.

It can save 80% of operation cost and improve comprehensive efficiency by at least 5 times

Onumen separated LED screen is equivalent to the box screen: 1/3 weight, 1/4 installation labor, 1/5 thickness, 1/6 packaging volume, which can save 80% operation cost. Seconds loading and unloading, save time and effort, save storage and transport, comprehensive efficiency increased at least 5 times.

As Onumen’s partner, you will have support throughout the marketization process
  • Training support

    Training empowerment, invited to participate in special training, etc.

  • Technical Support

    Hotline, remote support, on-site support, etc.

  • Marketing support

    Marketing activities support, third-party exhibition joint display, etc.

  • Business Support

    Sales team communication performance incentives, project selection priority, etc.

To join Onumen’s Supplier Partner Program, you will need to assess whether your business meets the program requirements.
  • LED display components are your main business model
  • The target market is consistent with Onumen
  • Accept the terms of Onumen’s supplier partner agreement
  • Commit to participate in Onumen solution training
  • Commit to formulate a joint business plan that will be continuously reviewed and updated
  • Commit to verify your product on Onumen products
  • Enable Onumen to contact local account managers to pursue joint sales opportunities
  • Proactively promote Onumen in your website and marketing materials
  • Regularly arrange channel review and potential customer sharing
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