The World Leader in Portable Foldable LED Video Systems
Onumen Devloped the convenient LED Modular Installation Method.

Pioneering innovation and dedicated to perfection of Modular LED Screens

ONUMEN was established in June 2009. It is a technology-based scientific research enterprise focusing on R&D and innovation. It is a provider that has always focused on the design, R&D, production, sales and solutions of separate LED screens. Onumen’s technology sidesteps industry traditions and creates a revolutionary "Modular LED display", which is thin, lightweight, energy efficient, with lower in overall cost. This creates more value for customers, who find more applications for Onumen Products every day.

Simplicity: From product design, R&D, manufacturing to management, we continue to pursue simplicity, simplicity, and simplicity.

True: All the raw materials of Onumen products are the best in the industry. brands, and we are responsible for customers and ourselves.

Sincerity: From suppliers, employees to customers, we always uphold the idea of treating each other sincerely and developing in coordination.

Advanced LED Screens for Stage, Advertising, Indoor and Outdoor Media, Trade Shows and Exibitions, Markees, Music and Sporting events.

Onumen LED now allows a cost effect way to present more professional visual imagines.

With less cost, less manpower, less labor intensive set ups, less transportation required, the ease and cost of Onumen Systems make LED now affordable to many that could not fit these types of displays into their production budgets.

Thinner, lighter and smarter Onumen technology makes LED convenient.

ONUMEN has a perspective and insight beyond the industry,

Comprehensive innovation and research on multiple systems such as electronics, communications, automation, computers, and mechanical engineering,

Overturning the bulky structure of the box screen, invented the technology of separating the power supply and the screen,

And obtained more than 90 "slim and foldable" invention patents worldwide.

Separation makes the problem easy!

Separate design of external power supply and screen,

LED screen no longer carry the frame, no longer carry the power supply, slim: 8-15mm, light: 8-14kg/m2,

Equivalent to the cabinet screen: 1/3 weight, 1/4 installation labor, 1/5 thickness, 1/6 packaging volume.

It only takes 2 people for one hour to install a 100m2 screen, which can save 80% of operating costs and increase overall efficiency by at least 5 times. All this is incredibly efficient.

The ability of the slim screen to be folded back and forth 180° or 360°,

Provides easily application: folding, automatic lifting, and speedy Up and Down retraction.

This can quickly create creative shapes such as waves, arcs, rings, cylinders, steps, and special shapes,

It can create more diverse scenes and a more exciting visual experience!

Onumen Modular LED Screen, leading the industry in changes to the global LED display industry,

Slim, light, and efficient, it will show more creative possibilities for an ever visual world.

From the innovation of communication technology systems,More than 90 "slim and foldable" invention patents worldwide

Global invention patents. All patents have formed an international patent group worldwide, and all patents have been transformed into technical achievements. Products have passed CE, ROHS, TUV, FCc, ccc and other certifications.


  • Invention Patents in Asia (China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong)
  • Invention Patents in America (U.S., Canada, Brazil, Mexico)
  • Asian Utility Model Patents (China, Japan, Taiwan)
  • African Invention Patents (South Africa)
  • European Invention patents (UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, etc.)
  • Oceania Invention patents (Australia)
Forging ahead with new innovations with dedicated R & D

LC series:
2 Chinese utility model patents
1 Chinese invention patent


Slim series p12

2 international invention patents (America EU)
2 Chinese invention patent


P10 Slim series P10
1 Chinese utility model patents
1 Chinese invention patent


Slim series: P6
6 Chinese utility model patents
2 Chinese invention patents
2 international invention patents (U.S., EU)


Slim series: P3.9
3 Chinese utility model patents
1 Chinese invention patent
1 Chinese trademark
20 international invention patents (United States, Canada, Russia, Australia, Japan)


Smart series: P9.375, p7.8
1 Chinese invention patent
2 international invention patents (U.S., Japan)


Smart series: P6
Magic series: P7.8, P5.2
Easywalker6, Easywalker 3.9
1 Chinese invention patent
7 international invention patents (EU, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy)


Magic series: P3.9
2 Chinese invention patents


Smart series: P5.2, P3.9
Magic Plus series P3.9, P5.2, P7.8
1 Chinese invention patent
7 international invention patents (EU, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy)


Smart Plus series: P5.2, P7.8, P10.4, P15.6
EP series: EP2, EP3, EPlite


Smart T plus series P7.8, P10.4, P15.6, P37.5,
Smart T Plus Series
11 Chinese utility model patents
8 Chinese invention patents
2 Chinese trademarks
4 international PCT

90% certificates of all the above patents are in hand, and the conversion rate of all achievements is 100%.
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